What’s in a name? The Luth name is synonymous with Experience, Expertise, Knowledge, Innovation, and has been a driving force in the firearm industry for close to 40 years. Starting as a machinist 40 years ago Randy Luth founded D.P.M.S. / Panther Arms and grew the company to become one of the leading manufacturers of AR-15 firearms and firearm components in the world.

Randy led D.P.M.S. from it’s founding in 1986 until the company was sold in 2010. Holding 7 patents and numerous industry leading innovations, the Luth name has earned the respect of the entire firearm industry and is regarded as one of the driving forces behind the growth and popularity of the AR-15 market.

Although known for high-quality, affordable complete AR-15 firearms, accessories and components for the retail market, less known is the fact that under Randy’s leadership D.P.M.S. manufactured and supplied components for the entire AR-15/M-16 industry. Many competing brands contained Luth components.

Randy’s constant drive to innovate has lead the industry being the first to develop, design and manufacture dozens of firearms, components and manufacturing processes that are commonplace throughout the industry today.

LUTH AR MBA-1 Rifle Buttstock
2017-07-21 18:59
Fully Adjustable Buttstock assembly to mount to a rifle (A2 Round Standard Tube) – This is our fixed stock Additional 1″ he
LUTHMBA-1 SALE: $139.99 each
LUTH AR MBA-2 Rifle Buttstock
2017-07-21 19:19
Light weight stock to mount to a rifle (A2 Round Standard Tube) – This is our skullaton fixed stock Fits all .223 and most .3
LUTHMBA-2 SALE: $49.99 each
LUTH AR MBA-3 Rifle Buttstock
2017-07-21 19:42
Fully Adjustable Carbine Buttstock assembly to mount to a carbine rifle (6-positions mil-spec or commercial tube) – This is our carbin
LUTHMBA-3 SALE: $159.99 each
LUTH AR MBA-4 Carbine W/Cheek Rest
2017-07-21 19:57
MBA-4 + Cheek Piece is our new revolutionary designed stock! This stock is to be paired with Carbine AR rifles that will allo
LUTHMBA-4-CHP SALE: $133.99 each
LUTH AR MBA-4 Rifle Buttstock
2017-07-21 19:49
Light weight stock to mount to a carbine rifle  (6-positions mil-spec or commercial tube) – This is our carbine skullaton stoc
LUTHMBA-4 SALE: $69.99 each
Luth-AR 16″ Bull Barrel Complete Upper Barrel Receiver Assembly
2019-06-29 22:50
16″ Bull Barrel Complete Upper Barrel Assembly Includes: HG-V-15K – Palm Handguard® – Vented 15″ KeyMod with Barrel Nut BL-B16FT
FTBL-B16 SALE: $484.95 each
Luth-AR Chubby Pistol Grip - Black
2017-11-09 11:27
Luth-AR, The Chubby Grip, Full Palm Swell Fills the Hand, Textured for Non-slip Grip, Left Side Thumb Rest, Black
LUTHPG-01 SALE: $23.95 each
Luth-AR Forged A3 Upper Receiver 7075-T6 Aluminum
2019-02-06 13:20
Luth-AR stripped .223 Remington receivers are A3 flattop with M4-type feed ramp, 12 position Picatinny accessory rail for mounting scopes or flip-up s
RS-LUTHFTT-EA SALE: $114.95 each