Many of us find it frustrating when we arrive to work or other destinations only to find our footwear or pant legs are soaking wet and cold. Our shoes are damp and we are left uncomfortable for the rest of the day in footwear that was is not waterproof and was never intended to go outside in the first place. Rainy or snowy weather is not something we can easily avoid, especially in Canada or northern States. Most of us can not be bothered to bring an extra pair of shoes along for our regular commute. Not only is it inconvenient to carry extra things, but it is remembering to do so, finding a place to store them once you've arrived and the time to switch footwear several times a day. Then there are those of you who have work that requires you to go into people’s homes. You need rubber waterproof footwear or warm winter boots but taking them on and off is cumbersome and time consuming however you do not want to tread snow and dirt into people’s houses.

There is a solution that allows you to wear the everyday indoor footwear you love, without getting cold or wet feet and that is NEOS Overshoes. Your footwear will be saved from the wear and tear of outdoor winter weather conditions such as nasty salt on roads and sidewalks. NEOS Overshoes are lightweight and they keep any shoes or work boots protected from rain and snow. Your footwear will stay comfortable, dry and warm. Quickly slip-on a pair of waterproof NEOS Overshoes over any of your footwear and you can be happily on your way. It doesn't matter how cold, slippery or wet it is outside, as your will have protection over your footwear. NEOS are premium overshoes and they serve not only as a overshoe but they also come insulated so you can actually wear them as a warm winter boot that slides over your regular shoes or work boots. NEOS have a lightweight yet rugged rubber soles perfect for traction in wet and rainy weather and they are made of nylon material that is flexible and waterproof. They also come in styles with cleats for slip resistant traction in icy conditions.

NEOS Overshoes are the best invention ever made to protect your footwear in rainy or cold and snowy winter weather. They are 100% waterproof and are ideal for anyone who goes outside for any reason. They quickly and securely fit right over your shoes, runners or work boots to keep you dry, warm and protected from outdoor weather. Unlike other overshoes NEOS have velcro which makes them extremely easy to slip on and off. The velcro goes from the toe all the way to the top providing a very large opening for you to slip your shoes or boots into. Since the nylon fabric is so flexible, they are very easy to compress and store. NEOS Overshoes might look big and heavy, but they are actually lightweight and flexible since only the sole is made from rubber. The draw string allow you to tighten the top avoiding any water that might seep into the top and protects your pant legs and footwear. Waterproof NEOS have been around for many years and the design of the boots has been perfected to make them the best protective overshoes on the market. Some customers have owned the same NEOS of 10+ years as they are a premium product that is made to last and is extremely durable.

NEOS are popular for anyone anywhere over any types of footwear. As a NEOS retailer, we sell NEOS to the military, letter carries, hydro workers and many other industries. We also carry styles perfect for protecting dress shoes during regular commutes to offices or homes. NEOS Overshoes Canada is a family run online store whose purpose is to serve you the best quality overshoes for sale with premium customer service and shipping methods. We offer affordable, safe and secure shopping with detailed product descriptions to help you find exactly what you are looking for. We have several different styles of waterproof NEOS Overshoes designed for a variety of uses and weather conditions so we are happy to recommend a pair and size that would work perfectly for your situation. Whether you work in an office or outside, in a city or on a farm, NEOS Overshoes are a must have for men and women of all professions.

Neos Adventurer Overshoes Non-Insulated
2017-07-22 10:36
Tough 500 denier nylon upper with waterproof membrane provides protection from the elements. Perma sole offers high traction in tough winter weather a
LIBMN-NEO-78923 SALE: $101.99 each
Neos Explorer Overshoes Insulated
2017-07-22 10:36
Made for extreme cold. Waterproof construction with 4mm polyurethane foam insulation. Rugged 500 denier nylon upper adds protection. Perma sole offers
LIBMN-NEO-78924 SALE: $119.99 each
Neos Explorer Stabilicer Overshoe Insulated
2017-07-22 10:36
STABILicers® outsoles with 32 replaceable cleats per pair embedded in the sole to help maintain traction in the worst winter conditions. 2.5 mm polyu
LIBMN-NEO-78922 SALE: $145.99 each
Neos Navigator 5 Overshoes Insulated
2017-07-22 10:36
Insulated warmth with 4mm polyurethane foam insulation. Upper is made of durable 840 denier polyester. Roll away gaiter extends to 20". NEOS Vibram™
LIBMN-NEO-78921 SALE: $150.00 each
Neos Villager
2017-07-22 10:36
All-season waterproof overshoe with 160 denier pack cloth upper. Durable long-wearing Superlite outsole. Lightweight and durable. Easy on/off. The NE
LIBMN-NEO-78920 SALE: $73.99 each
Neos Voyager Mid Overshoes with Perma Sole
2017-07-22 10:32
Universal design and fit with adjustable velcro cuff. Rugged 500 denier nylon upper with waterproof membrane provides protection from the elements. Pe
LIBMN-78921 SALE: $91.99 each