Glock 20 Sf 10mm Pistol
2016-11-06 01:16
The GLOCK 20SF, in 10mm AUTO, provides nothing short of massive firepower. The use of GLOCK hi-tech polymer considerably reduces felt recoil. With muz
UF2050201 SALE: $861.20 each
Glock 22 .40 Caliber Pistol
2016-11-06 01:06
GLOCK introduced the G22 .40 in 1990 and effectively closed the gap between the heavy .45 Auto, and the internationally proven 9x19. GLOCK was the fir
UI2250201 SALE: $617.20 each
Glock 31 G31 357 Pistol
2016-11-06 01:25
The high-performance GLOCK 31 is characterized by extremely high muzzle velocity and superior accuracy, even at extended shooting distances. This .357
UI3150201 SALE: $787.74 each
Glock 34 G34 357 Pistol
2016-11-06 12:20
Obtaining the greatest accuracy for target shooting was the main reason for the development of the GLOCK 34 which has an extended barrel, greater slid
UI3430101 SALE: $941.41 each
Glock 35 G35 357 Pistol
2016-11-06 12:33
With its extended barrel and line of sight, the GLOCK 35, in .40 caliber, allows for accurate hit patterns, especially when rapidly firing at multiple
UI3530101 SALE: $941.41 each
Glock 37 G37 .45 Caliber Pistol
2016-11-06 12:47
For those who prefer large-caliber handguns, the GLOCK 37, in .45 G.A.P., represents a quantum leap forward in big-bore technology. This ideal, all-ar
UI3750201 SALE: $814.76 each
Glock G40 Gen4 MOS 10mm Caliber Pistol
2016-11-06 12:58
The G40 Gen4 in the MOS Configuration is chambered in 10mm and combines a full 6-inch barrel for an improved velocity with a magazine capacity of 15 r
PG4030101MOS SALE: $878.94 each
Glock 41 Gen4 MOS .45 Auto Caliber Pistol
2016-11-06 13:09
The GLOCK 41 Gen4 is a practical/tactical .45 AUTO caliber pistol designed with the superior engineering of GLOCK to maximize sight radius while impro
PG4130101MOS SALE: $1,105.21 each
GSG 922 Bright Red Carbon
2016-12-01 12:13
The GSG 922 Canadian Edition is a compact, commander length pistol that utilize a 5” barrel within the 4.25” frame to create an easy to handle, li
BL-H19GSG922RED SALE: $405.27 each
GSG 1911 Bright Green
2016-12-01 12:15
The GSG 1911 pistol is a lightweight, easy to use and reliable handgun chambered in .22lr. The tried and true 1911 platform meets precision, German en
BL-H16GSG911GRN SALE: $375.71 each
Walther PPQ M2 .45 Semi Automatic (Restricted) EMT PAYMENT ONLY FOR DEAL
2017-06-19 16:05
CRAZY SALE! NOW ONLY $860 CANADIAN, WHEN PAID VIA EMT ONLY!Price is 899 when paid via CC PPQ 45The PPQ (Police Pistol Quick Defense Trigger) M2 serie
EA-WA-2819716 SALE: $759.05 each
34 items in stock
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Walther Q5 Match 9mm 5" Semi Automatic (Restricted)
2017-06-19 16:10
CRAZY HALLOWEEN WEEKEND SALE! NOW ONLY $1285 CANADIAN, FREE SHIPPING! Q5 MATCHThe new Q5 Match from Walther is built for the production class competi
EA-WA-Q5-9MM SALE: $1,084.95 each
1 item in stock
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Norinco Sig P228 Type 9mm 4.4" Barrel (Restricted)
2017-07-03 14:23
Identical to the Norinco NP-22 'P226 Type' pistol in nearly every aspect except its size, the Norinco NP-34 'P228 Type' pistol is the more compact ver
NS-NO-NP34 SALE: $328.19 each
3 items in stock
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Norinco Sig P226 Type .40 S&W 4.4" Barrel (Restricted)
2017-07-03 14:23
Originally Sig 226 was the result of a collaboration between the Swiss firm of Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG) and Sauer & Sohn of Ger
NS-NO-NP58 SALE: $328.19 each
112 items in stock
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CZ 0424-0734-ZD012 75 Shadow Canada 9mm 4.5" Barrel (Restricted)
2017-07-06 14:26
75 Shadow Canada Semi-Auto Pistol, 9MM, 4.5" Bbl, Black Steel Frame, Silver Aluminum Grip, 10 Rnd, SA/DA, Fixed Sights, Manual Safety CZ 0424-0734-ZD
NS-CZ-0424-0734-ZD012 SALE: $1,562.00 each
8 items in stock
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CZ 0424-0734-ZD014 75 Shadow Canada Black 9mm 4.5" Barrel (Restricted)
2017-07-06 14:27
75 Shadow Canada Semi-Auto Pistol, 9MM, 4.5" Bbl, Black Steel Frame, Red Alum Grip, 10 Rnd, SA/DA, Fixed Sights CZ 0424-0734-ZD014 75 Shadow CanadaMo
NS-CZ-0424-0734-ZD014 SALE: $1,477.56 each
14 items in stock
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CZ Shadow 2 Black/Blue DA/SA 9mm Adj Sights 120mm Barrel (Restricted)
2017-07-06 14:31
In recent years, the SP-01 Shadow has taken the competition circuit by storm. In USPSA Production Division, CZ pistols are now used by twice as many t
NS-CZ-0424-0741-TJASASX SALE: $1,139.84 each
119 items in stock
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CZ 0474-1606-MCFMABX CZ 75 TS .40S&W Silver Poly Frame/Gloss Blue Slide 5.4" Barrel (Restricted)
2017-07-06 14:40
The CZ 75 TS (Tactical Sports) is semi-automatic handgun with a locked breech. This pistol model is designed for competition shooting in accordance wi
NS-CZ-0474-1606-MCFMABX SALE: $1,393.13 each
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Beretta APX 9mm Semi Automatic Pistol - Restricted
2017-09-05 17:36
Includes: Rugged hard-case - fits low profile trigger locks Pistol Cleaning Brush 2x 10-Round Magazines Speed Loader LOW BORE AXIS Reduce
EA-BE-APX9 SALE: $680.73 each
FN FNS09 NMS BLK/BLK 9mm (Restricted)
2017-10-03 15:58
The FNS™-9 offers the simplicity of double-action striker-fired operation with the option of a manual safety. The slide stop lever and magazine
NS-66671 SALE: $531.92 each
290 items in stock
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FN FNX-9 DA/SA MS BLK BLK 9mm (Restricted)
2017-10-03 16:04
The FNX™-9 features an ergonomic, polymer frame with a low-bore axis for less felt recoil and improved control. The grip panels are checke
NS-66672 SALE: $591.02 each
140 items in stock
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Iver Johnson Arms Eagle LR 45 ACP Zombie
2018-02-20 13:34
Iver Johnson is back and better than ever with their new line of 1911 handguns. The Eagle model employs the same trusted and true 1911 platform deve
BL-IVR-H23IVER45EGL SALE: $1,222.57 each
Glock 19 Gen 4 9mm Pistol Canadian Maple Leaf - Fixed Sights - Special Edition - Restricted
2018-03-14 12:24
Glock® 19 Gen 4 Semi-automatic 9mm Handgun Has the Canadian Maple Leaf on the slide!USA MADE! If you loved the original… you’ll love the Genera
EA-UG195X206N SALE: $626.49 each
Glock G19X Canada Gen 5 - GNS Glock Night Sights - With 3 Magazines - 9mm Pistol - Restricted
2018-06-18 19:42
Glock G19X Canada Gen 5 - GNS Glock Night Sights - With 3 Magazines - 9mm Pistol - Restricted GLOCK's first ever "Crossover" pistol, the GLOCK 19
UX195X701 SALE: $738.78 each
Glock G48 Slimline 9mm Semi Automatic Pistol - NEW - Restricted
2019-01-17 16:43
Includes: 2x magazines1x hard case1x cable lock1x manual The G48 in caliber 9mm Luger is of similar length and height as the G19 but the width of the
PA485SL201 SALE: $562.32 each
Walther PPQ Q5 Match Steel Frame - 9mm, 5" - Restricted
2019-09-02 15:01
Walther PPQ Q5 Match Steel Frame POWER. FORGED IN STEEL. The new Q5 Match from Walther is built for the competitive shooter. Built around our award
NS-2836491 SALE: $1,713.97 each
Girsan Compact Bright White 9mm Semi-Automatic (Restricted)
2019-12-26 14:03
Compact Bright White 2 magazines 9mm
4GIR-5 SALE: $531.08 each
Girsan 1911 MC Compact .45 ACP Tactical Rail Semi-Automatic (Restricted)
2019-12-26 14:08
Girsa 1911 MC Compact .45 ACP with Tactical Rail 2x Magazines 1x Polymer Grips 1x Wood Grips 1x Cleaning Kit Girsan MC 1911 Compact 4.25″ Pisto
4GIR-1911-C SALE: $569.92 each
Glock G17C Gen 4 - Fixed Sights - 3 Mags - 9mm Pistol (Restricted)
2019-12-26 15:04
Glock G17C Gen 4 - Fixed Sights - 3 Mags - 9mm Pistol (Restricted)Cleaning KitCase The GLOCK 17C Gen4 compensated pistol has an integral parallel por
UG1759201 SALE: $760.73 each
Glock 17 Gen 5 - Fixed Sights - 3 Mags - 9mm Pistol (Restricted)
2019-12-26 15:08
Glock 17 Gen 5 - Fixed Sights - 3 Mags - 9mm Pistol (Restricted)Manual, Lock, Cleaning Rod, Nylon Brush, Mag Loader, BackstrapsIntroducing the GLOCK 1
UA1750201 SALE: $668.70 each
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