Gerber AR 3.00 Black Serrated

Brand: GerberGerber

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Designed as a dependable everyday carry, this knife is tailored, elegant, and offers a low profile in pocket. A partially serrated blade lends itself to an array of activities, while the mixture of an aluminum and rubber handle provides lightweight traction.

Designed to be a daily carry essential, the AR 3.0 pocket knife possesses a tailored, elegant appearance backed by the integrity of its solid stainless steel blade. This knife works diligently in the hand of its owner while maintaining a low profile in an urban environment. The AR 3.0 pocket knife is a proud Gerber staple in our incomparable series of knives and tools.

Well-balanced in structure, the AR 3.0 possesses a precisely centered fulcrum. Seamless integration with life’s daily activities is the knife’s forte, from ripping through the tape on a freshly-delivered box to being displayed at a dinner or other elegant establishment without causing alarm, given its subtly graceful lines. This knife’s talent lies in evoking a sense of quiet luxury in those who engage with it.

Featuring a 2.95-inch partially serrated clip point blade made of 440A stainless steel, the AR 3.0 lends itself sturdily to a slew of tasks. Lightness and strength of aluminum with the grippiness of rubber give the handle of this knife a stylish distinction. The champagne-hued aluminum grounded by the authoritative black of the Softgrip inserts blend with a cosmopolitan appearance, but do not diminish the baseline fact of the knife being a solid, powerful aid in troubled times.


  • Overall length: 6.95"
  • Blade length: 2.94"
  • Closed length: 4.08"
  • Weight: 2.8 oz.
  • Lock mechanism: liner lock
  • Blade style: clip point
  • Blade material: 440A stainless steel
  • Blade type: serrated
  • Handle material: die-cast aluminum and softgrip inserts
  • One-hand opening
  • Titanium nitride low-profile coated blade
  • Lanyard hole
  • Stainless pocket clip

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