CAA AR15 Magazine Coupler

Brand: Command Arms Accessories (CAA)Command Arms Accessories (CAA)


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Product Description


CAA’s new and improved magazine coupler now comes with both small and large removable pouch pulls. The pouch pull automatically sets the height of the magazines, so they don’t interfere with the ejection port. The MC16N’s robust design with thicker walls provides more resistance to breakage. Based on the proven clamping design, the MC16N now has three adjustment screws for additional strength. The MC16N joins the CAA family of magazine couplers, along with the MCD16 for polymer AR15/M16 30 round magazines and the original MC16 for aluminum 30 round magazine. The MCD16 couples two 30-round CAA magazines and has been redesigned, making it more robust, durable and user friendly. Featuring a spring loaded design allowing easier insertion of the magazines, captive nuts eliminating loss during use in the field, and a contoured surface providing a sure grasp.

  • NEW AR15/M16 magazine coupler can be used with optional mag height regulator pouch pulls
  • Large and small removable pouch pulls, automatically stagger the magazines to the correct height, so they don’t interfere with the ejection port
  • Now with 3 screw tightening for extra rigidity
  • Robust design with thicker walls provides higher resistance to breakage

Part #: MC16
Fits: AR15/M16 Aluminum Magazines
Length (in.):3”
Width (in.):2.3”
Made of: Polymer
Weight (oz.): 0.09

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