Sunbrite Systems Mini Headlamp

Sunbrite Systems Mini Headlamp
Sunbrite Systems Mini HeadlampSunbrite Systems Mini Headlamp
Brand: Sunbrite SystemsSunbrite Systems


SALE: $16.99 each

The Sunbrite Systems Mini Headlamp is a lightweight and versatile headlamp. It features a comfortable headband made of 2mm high-quality stretch cord. The stretch cord allows better ventilation and applies less pressure on the head. A well designed tail loop design enables the users to adjust the fit quickly and easily. The headband can be taken off allowing the Mini to clip to a peaked cap, visor or pack for hands free operation.

The powerful Mini features a Cree ML-E LED and 2 small red LED as light sources. Which makes the headlamp not only a spotlight but a signal light. Durable and waterproof to level of IPX7, it can be used in heavy rain.  A Sunbrite Systems Mini is ideal for all outdoor activities. Batteries are included with all Sunbrite System headlamps.


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