Leupold RCX-1 Trail Camera

Leupold RCX-1 Trail Camera
Leupold RCX-1 Trail CameraLeupold RCX-1 Trail Camera
Brand: LeupoldLeupold

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SALE PRICE: $199.99 each

The new RCX Trail Camera System, with exclusive USB Controller/Viewer, could not be easier to use. No more guessing on alignment, counting blinking lights or scrolling through confusing mode options. The integrated RCX Trail Camera System is ready out of the box or customize it to your needs. You are in control.

Exclusive RCX Controller/Viewer

The “hub” of the RCX Trail Camera System is the exclusive handheld RCX Controller, which plugs into the USB jack in each camera to give you complete control of your system. Get “Real Time Video Alignment” of the camera’s view, instant access to all program settings, and all of the images that have been captured. Download high-resolution photos (color or infrared) and video right in the field, without making multiple trips to and from your home or truck to check SD cards.A TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) active matrix 3" display gives you the complete picture right in the palm of your hand. Quickly scan, zoom, delete or transfer your photos and video, make adjustments as needed to the camera’s setting and position, and move on to the next camera. Then plug the RCX Controller into your home computer to download your pictures and videos to your hard drive.

Dual Sensor Technology and a Wider Field of View

The RCX-2 offers Dual Sensor Technology (DST) to deliver a more complete picture of game activity in your area. Choose the wide cone for 45 degrees of “sensing coverage” to a range of 45 feet... ideal for larger areas or to cover the corner of a field. Select the narrower 10 degree cone that reaches out to 90 feet...for use with a specific landmark or feeder. The DST sensors automatically trigger the camera’s shutter when moving game (heat) is detected within the selected cone’s coverage. Or you can choose to have both sensors active at the same time to activate the full force of the DST sensor zone at nearly 1400 square feet of sensor zone coverage.The Leupold RCX is the only trail camera to offer this ground-breaking technology. A wide 54’ field of view camera lens means you’ll not only see the animals within the 10/45 degree cone’s ”sensing coverage,” but you will see any animals on the fringes (where the big bucks often hang).Note: The RCX-1 offers single 45 ̊ sensing coverage to 45 feet.

Silent Digital Shutter

Customize to Your Needs

Vibrant Images with XD™ (Xtreme Definition) Image Quality

“Blink-of-an-eye” Trigger Speed

Rugged Durability

Instant Recovery

Safe and Secure

Standard SDHC Compatible

Extra Long Battery Life

Real Time Video Alignment







Camera Lens Angle (degrees)

54 degrees

54 degrees

PIR (degrees)

45 degrees

Dual PIR:
10 degrees
45 degrees

Max Trigger Range (ft)

45 ft

45 ft
90 ft

Infrared LEDs


48 at 10 degrees
36 at 45 degrees
48 in Dual

Video / Audio


Video / Audio

Trigger Speed

Less than 1 second

Less than 1 second

Lock-down Security Plate

Available as accessory:


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