Forensics Source Caron 25 cu. ft. Fingerprint Development Chamber

Forensics Source Caron 25 cu. ft. Fingerprint Development Chamber
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Caron’s large capacity Fingerprint Development Chamber is designed to accelerate the DFO, Ninhydrin and other fingerprint development processes. Fingerprints are detected at a faster rate and with better clarity by precisely controlling conditions of high temperature and high relative humidity.

Our 25. cu. ft. design is ideal for high volume and large capacity evidence processing. This design supports fingerprint processing on porous surfaces, such as checks, ransom notes, cardboard boxes and more.

Standard Features:

  • The wide temperature and humidity range allows fingerprints to process in just a matter of minutes – not days like some conventional methods.
  • The chamber interior is made of seam-welded stainless steel coated with high quality, corrosion resistant epoxy paint, which supports a long
  • operating life.
  • Caron’s unique design includes improved insulation, door sealing and high wattage heaters to allow the unit to quickly recover temperature and humidity following door openings.
  • The chamber comes standard with two white epoxy coated stainless steel shelves and two sets of hanging rods. These shelves slide and can
  • accommodate up to 50 lbs. The hanging rods secure and display evidence vertically during development.
  • A full view, heated outer glass door aids in reducing condensation during high temperature and humidity conditions, allowing you to have a clear view of the entire chamber and your evidence as it processes.
  • The 6125 series Fingerprint Development Chamber features high R foam insulation and operates on a standard 220V laboratory electrical outlet, significantly reducing power consumption and utility expenses.
  • Caron’s gVapor™, steam free humidity system, delivers controlled humidity without generating excess heat. It features the next generation of humidity sensors with built-in temperature compensation, which provides accurate readings at high temperatures.
  • Our precisely engineered custom door seal extrusion, a robust door latch and heated door work together to minimize condensation and keep interior conditions tightly controlled and contained.
  • Our design effectively protects all wiring and electrical components by locating them out of the chamber interior to avoid any corrosion due to the high temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Microprocessor based PID controllers maintain excellent stability and provide reliable and repeatable results. Dual display of temperature and humidity allows you to visualize instantaneous setpoint and operating conditions. Setpoints are easily adjusted by simply pressing the up or down arrow keys.
  • The 25 cu. ft. Fingerprint Chamber comes complete with factory-installed heavy-duty swivel casters and leveling feet, and these units will roll through a standard 34” x 80” doorway without modification. Once in position, the built-in leveling feet easily stabilize the unit.


Temperature Range – 40ºC to 100ºC    
Temperature Control – ± 0.5ºC    
Relative Humidity – Ambient up to 80% RH at 80°C    
Humidity Control – ± 2%    
Interior Dimensions – 32” W x 27” D x 52.7” H (81.3 x 68.6 x 133.9 cm)    
Interior Construction – White Epoxy Coated, Type 304, Stainless Steel    
Exterior Dimensions – 35.5” W x 33.3” D x 77.1” H (90.2 x 84.6 x 195.8 cm)    
Exterior Construction – Powder Coated Cold Rolled Steel    
Work Space – 25 cu. ft. (708 Liters)    
# of Shelves – 2 Standard (25 Maximum); 2 Sets of Hanging Rods, 3 Rods per set    
Shelf Construction – White Epoxy Coated Stainless Steel    
Shelf Dimensions – 29.25” W x 24.45” D (74.3 x 62.1 cm)    
Electrical – 208/230V, 60 Hz, 12A    
Shipping Weight lbs. – 775    
Shipping Weight kg. – 352



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