Forensics Source First Response Kit

Forensics Source First Response Kit
Brand: Forensics SourceForensics Source

SKU: KR-FS-1006696-FR-KIT

SALE PRICE: $265.19 each

Includes everything a first responder needs to secure and mark evidence at most any crime scene. Kit includes tools for use in night/low-light conditions such as our popular Evi-Lites™, ideal for illuminating evidence or indicating relevant debris in traffic reconstructions. Kit Includes: Crime Scene Barrier Tape, (1,000 feet); Orange and Yellow Evi-Paq® First Response Markers, 20 each; Reflective Marking Chalk, 3 Sticks; White Marking Chalk, 3 Sticks; Assorted Marking Flags, Pack of 100; White Evi-Lites, Pack of 10; Red Spray Chalk; Saunders’ Citation Holder; Vinyl “Police” Marker Boots; Large 5 x 8 Notepad and Ballpoint Pen.

  • Customized kits available

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