Tanfoglio Stock II Xtreme

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Full race double action semi automatic pistol for I.P.S.C. - Production Division – competitions.
The pistol will be tuned and the trigger job will be done by the Tanfoglio custom shop.
The Stock II model has a barrel with polygonal rifling and coned external profile for better accuracy and longer life, and a frame with longer fore end up to the slide muzzle for a better balancing of the pistol.
The pistol has a special ceramic coating and is supplied with:

Ambidextrous safety

  • Xtreme aluminum grips
  • Xtreme Hammer
  • Xtreme Guide Rod
  • Xtreme Firing Pin
  • Xtreme front sight with Fiber Optic
  • Fully adjustable Supersight
  • Custom magazine catch

In the pistol case there are: the cleaning set, a steel front sight and three magazines with Xtreme aluminum base pads. A certificate signed by the 5 times world champion Eric Grauffel guarantee the quality of the product.

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