Stealth Arms 9mm Ejector

Brand: Stealth Arms 80% Lower KitsStealth Arms 80% Lower Kits

SKU: SA-9mm-Ejector

SALE PRICE: $19.99 each

1911  9mm   Ejector

Stealth Arms “Premium Fit” ejectors are designed to fit flawlessly with SA Frames. SA Premium Fit means we have carefully in-house designed each and every part to fit with our SA frames and slides so you can have a flawless build with zero fitting required! Precision machining gives optimal case clearance that is reliable every time. Our ejectors are fully machined from 4140 bar stock and heat treated for maximum durability.

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2015-12-30 11:11
Introducing Stealth Arms' revolutionizing Phantom Jig! Stealth Arms has made it dummy proof to complete an 1911 80% Frame WITHOUT the need for a milli
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Kit includes the following:1 - Left Plate1 - Right Plate1 - Milling Plate 11 - Milling Plate 21 - Drill Press Plate1 - 7/16" Drill Bit1 - 3/8" Drill B
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Stealth Arms .45 ACP Slide
2015-12-30 10:53
Stealth Arms' Fully CNC Machined 45 ACP slides are made from solid Chomoly Hardened Steel bar-stock.  Includes front and rear cocking serrations
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Modulus Arms Jig Fabrication Tool Kit
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