Limbsaver 6000 Series Target Bow Stabilizer

Brand: LimbSaver Recoil Buttstock PadsLimbSaver Recoil Buttstock Pads

SKU: LS-6000-TAR-BOW-STAB-8_19008

SALE: $89.99 each

Internal vibration dampening makes these the most vibration-free target stabilizers on the market. High modulus, unidirectional 5/8 inch diameter carbon fiber reduces stabilizer whip for better accuracy and stability. The shooter will notice quicker settling time.

  • The 6000 series is made complete with a Broadband Stabilizer Enhancer which adds another level of vibration suppression.
  • High-end carbon tubing has vibration-dampening technology built inside
  • Extra rigid carbon fiber for reduced stabilizer whip and shortens settling time
  • Available in eight sizes ranging from 8ā€ to 34ā€ lengths
  • Slimmer 5/8 inch outside diameter carbon is more stable when shooting in the wind
  • 5/16ā€-24 accessory mount
Length Weight
8 in 4.0 oz
10 in 4.4 oz
12 in 4.7 oz
14 in 5.0 oz
24 in 6.4 oz
28 in 7.1 oz
30 in 7.7 oz
34 in 8.1 oz

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