Limbsaver Atlas 2X & 3X Bow Hanger

Brand: LimbSaver Recoil Buttstock PadsLimbSaver Recoil Buttstock Pads

SKU: LS-ATLAS-BH_19028_15253

SALE PRICE: $24.99 each

This two-arm bow hanger gives you unique positioning while remaining compact. Made with high-strength steel, the Atlas 2X will hold your bow and gear secure. The bow holder end is wrapped in noise silencing NAVCOM® material so you will not make noise with your bow when hanging up or removing from the hanger.

This three-arm bow hanger gives you a long reach and versatility with its articulating auger base. The end of the sturdy steel arms are wrapped in NAVCOM material which silences your bow while placing on or removing from the hanger.

  • Get maximum flexible positioning with pivot at base of tree
  • Unique 180+ degree auger hook
  • Silent NAVCOM hook for quiet bow placement
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Total reach of 21 inches for 2-Aarm, 33 inches for 3-Arm