Mesa LEO Telescoping Stock Adapter for Rem 870 (12-GA and 20-GA)

Brand: Mesa TacticalMesa Tactical

SKU: MESA91250

SALE: $85.00 each

LEO® Telescoping Stock Adapter for Rem 870 (12-GA and 20-GA)

  • 878405000570
  • Mesa Tactical
  • 91250
  • Rem 870 12Ga
  • LEO Adapter

Our aluminum adapter kits include everything necessary to retrofit Remington or Mossberg pump shotguns with most AR-15 style stocks and pistol grips. Our adapter kits allow customers to add their own AR-15 stock assemblies as desired.

Package Contents:
The Mesa Tactical Telescoping Stock Adapter Shotgun Conversion Kit should include the following components:

  • 1 Cast aluminum and powdercoated telescoping stock adapter
  • 1 Receiver cap screw
  • 1 Receiver screw hex key
  • 1 AR grip screw
  • 1 Custom “claw” receiver extension end plate
  • 1 Sling plate blank
  • 1 AR grip nut
  • 1 AR grip screw spacer


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