Cobra Cutter Keychain

Brand: Milspec Cobra CuffsMilspec Cobra Cuffs


SALE PRICE: $6.75 each

NEW – Patent Pending – Cobra Cutter safety cutting tool functions as a key chain and safely cuts to release Cobra Cuffs & Xtreme Zip Ties. Made with unbreakable plastic resin which houses a recessed carbon steel blade to keep fingers safe. Also an excellent Emergency Seat Belt Cutter, Box Opener, etc..

  • Safely Cuts Cobra Cuffs & Xtreme Zip Ties
  • Cuts Seat Belts in an Emergency
  • Opens Boxes and Easily Cuts Packaging materials, Fishing Line, etc.
  • Easily cuts through tough drink packaging & light cloth
  • Compact & Lightweight with supertough resin to protect blade

Directions for Use: To Cut Cobra Cuffs or Xtreme Zip Ties: Simply insert strap into safety slot and slowly squeeze; pushing up from the base of the Cobra Cutter. ** Keep out reach of Children**

Measures 2.5 ” length,  1.0” width;  Weight: < 1/2 ounce


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