Mitee-Bite OK-Vise Multi-Rail System

Brand: Mitee-Bite CNC Fixture ClampsMitee-Bite CNC Fixture Clamps

SKU: MITEE-47220_22723

SALE PRICE: $550.99 each

OK-Vise® Multi-Rail System

The Multi-Rail System is a versatile fixturing system perfect for all machining centers. The addition of the new Speed Stop eliminates the need for the standard Stop (Part No. 47200) to be placed behind clamp. The user can quickly adjust the location of the clamp allowing for different sized parts to be loaded and unloaded faster and more efficiently.

  • All sides of a work piece can be machined with two setups
  • Multiple work pieces can be clamped on the same area
  • The workpiece is always safely fixtured
  • Oversized workpieces can also be fastened
  • Over 14,000 lbs. of pressure. Perfect for high speed machining
47220 Multi-Rail RM200 44mm 50mm 200mm
47260 Multi-Rail RM600 44mm 50mm 600mm
47200 Stop Combo Smooth/Serrated 44mm 22mm 40mm 42mm
47225 Multi-Rail Custom M12 T-nut
47205 Speed Stop

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