Viking Solutions Buck Up ll - Tripod Game Hoist

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SALE PRICE: $149.99 each



The new Viking Buck Up II features a new higher lift height (98″) and includes a super handy aluminum accessory table! We listened to your input and the Buck Up II is designed so that you can process your deer easily and quickly. Now you have a place to put your knives, skinning tools like the Super Hide Puller, or even quarters on the large accessory table that is mountable at the height you desire!

Table is 21×14″ and fastens with 2 bolts. Winch is 600# capacity with an anti-reverse lever. Machined pulleys for no-bind cranking. Powder coat finish will last for years.

  • New Tripod with Aluminum Accessory Table Included! 300# Capacity
  • New 98″ Lift Height allows you to hang the large game high enough to process
  • Unique cast iron hub at top of tripod gives you room to operate
  • Total weight of 51# allows use anywhere; Also works great for cast iron pots over fires
  • Slip fits together — one-time assembly of less than 15 minutes

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