Viking Solutions Stack Rack

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SALE PRICE: $139.99 each


Viking Solutions LLC is pleased to introduce the all-new Stack Rack to an already impressive line of lifting, loading and hauling products. The Stack Rack is an innovative response to an issue that faces many sportsmen and women — finding space to transport coolers, treestands, bow and gun cases and all the other essential products in an outdoorsman’s arsenal.

In the standard configuration, the Stack Rack includes a specially-designed hitch-mounted basket that accommodates up to a 70-quart cooler in the bottom compartment. With the addition of the vertical post, the Stack Rack provides another level of carrying capacity for hauling treestands and other bulky items. This two-level carrying system was designed so that the space inside the vehicle or truck bed could be saved for other important items when traveling to or from your destination. By simply removing a pin, the convenient hinge at the base allows the Stack Rack to tilt away from your vehicle, giving you access to the interior of your SUV or pickup bed.

The Stack Rack is useful beyond hunting or fishing. It’s perfect for transporting bicycles, tent bags, ladders — you name it — any item that tends to swallow up space in the back of your vehicle. The Stack Rack is designed to eliminate the frustrations and problems often encountered before, during and after any outdoor excursion.


  • Weighs just 34 lbs.
  • Basket (inside) Dimensions: 17″ x 32″
  • Folds down for tailgate/liftgate access
  • Multi-level carrying platform for more items
  • Unique upper holding “arms” carry a variety of items
  • Fits class 3 or 4 hitch receiver
  • Weight-rated to 300 lbs.

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