Hawk Speed Retract Hoist Reel

Brand: Hawk Treestands - Hunt from AboveHawk Treestands - Hunt from Above


SALE PRICE: $17.99 each

Avoid frustrating knots and tangling!  The Speed  Retract™ Reel utilizes a 5X Faster Rewind 5:1 gear ratio for super quick and convenient hoist line storage.  Compact, slim-line design fits in your hand and features easy-twist GearTie® attachments on both ends.  Attach the reel to your belt while climbing and then to your stand or a nearby branch when in the tree for ultimate convenience and safety. 

- 5X FASTER REWIND Quickly Stores 30’ Hoist Line

- EZ-TWIST GEARTIE® On Both Reel and Hoist Line Makes Quick, Silent and Versatile Attachment

- SILENT-GRIP™ COATED REEL Prevents Noise and is Compact for Packing

  • Tangle-Free Flat Line
  • 40 LBS Weight Capacity

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