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Lacrosse AeroHead Realtree Xtra 7mm Boots

Brand: LacrosseLacrosse
$169.99 EA

The outdoors is your home. Always be comfortable in it.
4 years in development. Tested over 4,000 miles. The end result? Our most comfortable hunting boot ever. Featuring a neoprene core with a polyurethane shell, the AeroHead is extremely durable while being both flexible and supportive. Requiring no break-in period whatsoever, the ultra-lightweight AeroHead lets you stalk prey silently and confidently. Hunting has never been so comfortable.

Unit now, comfort and durability never reached their full potential.
Unequaled comfort and durability begins with our AeroForm™ technology — a revolutionary process in which liquid polyurethane is injected into a mold around the neoprene sock. Once bonded, it creates a material that’s, dare we say, warmer, lighter, and stronger than rubber. The AeroHead® is 100% waterproof and fits the way a boot should fit — perfectly comfortable.            

Mother Nature has the cold, but you have these boots.
A little dip in the mercury should never come between you and the hunt. And that’s why we built the AeroHead® with more polyurethane underfoot than any other boot — 14mm to be exact. Proven to never compress over time, our thick polyurethane midsole is naturally insulating, extremely comfortable, and guaranteed to keep your feet a lot warmer, a lot longer.            

Stand your ground. And tread it too.
Nothing should ever stand between you and the hunt. Not Mother Nature’s wily ways. Not the toughest of terrain. And no boot keeps you treading forth like the AeroHead®. Its Aero outsole features a lightweight, high-grade rubber sole that won’t turn rock hard in the cold or get sticky soft in the heat. Its unique tread with chamfered edges and angled lugs keeps things light by shedding the mud, as well anything else that tries to hitch a ride on your boots. And with its 90-degree heel, you get the needed support and stability for climbing the ladder to your deer stand.            

When the going gets tough, better hope you're wearing these boots.
When it comes to thick and unforgiving brush, the AeroHead® simply brushes it aside. Knowing all too well that neoprene alone is susceptible to rips and tears, the AeroHead® features our Brush Tuff bi-directional material — a unique combination of spandex and Lycra layered over neoprene for extra durability. And because there’s no such thing as being too durable, we added a full polyurethane shin guard for added protection when treading through tough terrain and climbing the rungs to the tree stand.            

Armor Weld
Double stitched seams are bonded and taped on the inside, then coated with an abrasion resistant liquid on the outside for uncompromising waterproof protection and durability.    

Uncompromising waterproof protection from AeroHead's unique neoprene and polyurethane construction.    

Brush Tuff
A unique combination of spandex and Lycra is layered over neoprene for extra durability.    

Breathable Liner
Quick drying and moisture wicking, our jersey knit liner will keep your feet dry and comfortable.    

Realtree Xtra
Using twelve warm, natural colors, this 3D camo pattern blends effectively in a variety of habitats thought the fall, winter, and early spring seasons.    

Rubber Gusset
Durable, full rubber gusset accommodates different calf sizes and makes it easy to slide the boot on and off.


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