Forensics Source speckFINDER HD V3 Digital Video Microscope

Forensics Source speckFINDER HD V3 Digital Video Microscope
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SALE PRICE: $7,803.59 each

speckFINDER HD® is the world’s most advanced family of digital computer microscopes used for workstation applications and inspection in industrial and electronics working environments, scientific research, forensics, gemological laboratories, jewelry retail and manufacturing, and other similar work settings.

speckFINDER HD® technology completely integrates the technologies of high quality optics, digital cameras, LED lighting, glass displays, personal computing electronics, and mechanics, to produce a workstation- friendly digital computer microscope. Unlike conventional microscopes or stereoscopes with which a user must conform their body to a machine, speckFINDER HD® technology allows the user to obtain a comfortable posture and then adjust the machine to their individual comfort needs. Single or multiple workers can view magnified images simultaneously and effortlessly.

Images can also be stored in multiple digital formats, networked, and software enhanced as needed. Measurement, drawing, call-outs, and overlays are all conveniently available within speckFINDER HD’s standard technology package. Live or stored speckFINDER HD® images can be viewed on another display or projected onto an overhead screen for training, instructing, or supervising.

speckFINDER HD’s USB2.0 CCD camera is equipped with a host of features to allow the user to set a specified Area Of Interest, gain, exposure time, frame rate, and even digital output delay and duration. speckFINDER HD’s camera software allows capturing of still images in JPEG, Bitmap and Tif file format or video in AVI format. In addition, the software can perform edge enhancement and image mirroring.


  • Intel® Atom™ D510 Processor at 1.67 GHz with 1MB L2 cache
  • 64GB Solid State Hard Drive
  • 3x USB 2.0 ports
  • 15-pin VGA output
  • Hi definition 1280 x 1024 1/2” Interline CCD color optical sensor, 4.6μ square pixels
  • Hi definition 1024 x 768 17cm TFT active matrix 16.7 million true color display, antireflective surface, 0.129 square pixel pitch, 200 PPI, and 600:1 contrast ratio
  • Licensed Windows 7 Professional operating system, Video Toolbox image capturing software, Smart LED Ringlight Control
  • Software for digital hardware and image control: Exposure, RGB color, gamma, gain boost, edge enhancement, white balance, image annotation, advanced measurements, reticles, font and color control, time and date stamp, and more
  • Image capture formats: JPEG, BMP, TIF, AVI
  • Wireless keyboard, mouse, and USB receiver
  • Wireless or Ethernet Network capable (see accessories)
  • 24-V universal power supply and cord
  • UL, cUL, CE approved

User choice of optic included in price of speckFINDER HD “Head plus Lens”:                               

  System Magnification Working Field of View (mm)
Lens Coice Lens Type Min Max Distance (mm) Min Max
V1 Parfocal Zoom 11 55 95 3 12
V2 Parfocal Zoom 22 110 45 1.5 6
V3 Parfocal Zoom 1.5 13 127 4.5 26.5
T1 Fixed Telecentric - 5 160 - 25.6
T2 Fixed Telecentric - 10 120 - 12.8
T3 Fixed Telecentric - 20 83 - 6.4
T4 Fixed Telecentric - 40 75 - 3.2
T5 Fixed Telecentric - 85 44 - 1.6

User choice of lighting is a required addition to your speckFINDER HD system.

  • LED Dual Ring Light, dual row White, “Smart” Control
  • LED Dual Ring Light, 1 row White + row 365nm UV-A, “Smart” Control
  • High Frequency Fluorescent Ring light (5500K white or 365nm UV-A)

User choice of lighting is a required addition to your speckFINDER HD system.

  • 18” or 27” Hydraulic spring adjustable articulating arm
  • Standard base with dimmable LED backlighting
  • Platform table, with or without ESD safe mat


  • Factory install wireless or hard cable network connection
  • 0.5X or 0.25X extenders for V1 lens. Decreases magnification and increases field of view
  • XY Inspection Stage, ESD Safe



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