Laser Max GripSense Lights And Lasers

Brand: LaserMax - The World's Most Rugged & Reliable LasersLaserMax - The World's Most Rugged & Reliable Lasers


SALE PRICE: $218.99 each

The Patent Pending GripSense™ Technology utilizes similar technology to smartphones, in that the product contains a detection zone in the area that users middle finger indexes the trigger guard of the firearm and senses the user’s grip on the firearm and activates the light or laser instantly. The user has the option to turn off the light or laser with the push of a button or disable the GripSense Activation and rely solely on the button activation

The new CenterFire with GripSense technology is an essential sighting tool for training, concealed carry, home defense, and backup use, the CF-LC9-C-G projects a bright mint green light and a green laser aiming point downrange – the perfect complement to Ruger's small and easily concealed LC9, LC9s, and LC380 pistols.

Rounded and blended to ensure a smooth draw, the CF-LC9-C-Gmounts to the frame without permanent alteration and offers ambidextrous switching to accommodate both right and left-handed shooters. Most operators report immediate improvement to hit ratios after installing a CenterFire GripSense light & laser sight.

  • DUAL activation capable with either GripSense™
  • Activation or controlled push button
  • GripSense™ Activation does not alter your grip
  • 100 Lumen MINT GREEN light
  • External Battery Access Door with tool-less entry
  • Easily programmable for steady or high-visibilitypulsed laser beam
  • Ambidextrous TAP ON/TAP OFF switch reinforces safe firearm handling
  • GripSense™ Technology works with gloves
  • Fully adjustable for windage and elevation


GripSense Technology uses a detection zone to determine when you have gripped your firearm and automatically activates your LaserMax light and laser. Eliminating the need to apply pressure or flip a switch, GripSense Technology prevents sympathetic reflex that could lead to the accidental discharge of your firearm. You should be so comfortable with your firearm that it becomes an extension of yourself. By giving you the option of choosing between five modes of use for your light and laser, and the choice of how your light and laser activates, GripSense Technology ensures that you have the perfect solution for your needs. Your Gun, Your Choice means having the peace of mind of knowing exactly how your firearm will respond in every situation.

    LaserMax GripSense Activation senses the users grip within the detection zone and activates the sight. Additionally, choose how you want your light and laser to operate, either rapid instant GripSense Activation, or controlled activation with the push of a button


    DUAL activation capable with either GripSenseTM Activation or controlled push button,


    Features 5 programmable modes to ensure the firearm best suits your individual needs.


  • 1.5 OZ.OZ



  • 510-535NM






  • 100 LED



  • <5MW

    Power Output


  • 4+ HOURS

    Battery Life


  • 5 YEARS

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