Hawk Twist-Tie Hoist Line

Brand: Hawk Treestands - Hunt from AboveHawk Treestands - Hunt from Above


SALE PRICE: $12.99 each


The pull-up rope just got smarter. Twenty-five feet of heavy-duty, anti-tangle flat cord is paired with the innovative GearTie® system that allows you to simply twist up your gear and go! When not in use, simply fold up the flat cord and secure with the GearTie® for hassle-free, tangle-free storage. Rubber GearTie® twist connection is surprisingly tough, completely silent, and fast to use – a must have this season! GearTie® is a reusable Twist Tie that will support 40 LBS.

Rubber Coated GearTie® is easy to attach with gloves on and won't scratch gear

Easiest Way to Hoist Up Gear. Hoist multiple items to the stand at once

Heavy-Duty Flat Cord is easy to store and won't tangle in knots

  • 40 LBS Weight Capacity
  • 25ft Length

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