Fallkniven DC521 Bench Stone Diamond/Ceramic

Brand: FallknivenFallkniven

SKU: DC521

SALE PRICE: $78.51 each

DC521 is a bench stone of a less common category, since it offers two different kinds of stones. The yellow part is a fast and aggressive diamond stone, while the dark is a slow, very fine ceramic stone. Both surfaces are precision flat, which is a prerequisite for perfect sharpening results. The diamond stone works fast and should be used if the edge is very thick. The sharpness obtained is usually enough for everyday tasks. The ceramic whetstone works much more slowly and gives a smoother, razor-sharp edge when necessary. For tools and chef knives, this bench stone is among the best we can offer. It comes in a nice gift box, and sharpening advises are added.

Dimensions: 12 x 55 x 210 mm
Dimensions: 0.47 x 2.17 x 8.27 Inch

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