Fallkniven CC4 Ceramic/Ceramic Whetstone

Brand: FallknivenFallkniven


SALE PRICE: $27.85 each

We’re happy to present something everyone has been waiting for – a combination ceramic/ceramic whetstone that will handle your finest sharpening needs. The newly-developed CC4 whetstone consists of a super fine ceramic stone (white side) (0,1 micron) and a ceramic stone, made of synthetic sapphires (dark grey) (1 micron). You don’t need any lubrication for these stones but now and then you should consider cleaning them with water and liquid soap. A leather pouch is included.

Dimensions: 32 x 100 mm
Weight: 51 g

How to use your whetstone
If your knife is dull, we advise you to start with a diamond stone. After restoring the edge to original shape, de-burr the edge lightly with the grey side of the ceramic stone in order to get a razor-sharp edge. The white side of the CC4 is a very smooth ceramic stone, it´s mostly used for polishing the edge. Use no oil or water. Start by laying the blade flat on the stone, raise the blade spine approx. the thickness of the blade, and start moving the knife in circular motions.

The ink trick
Color the edge with a felt-tip pen. You can check your progress in sharpening the knife by observing where the color is removed.

How to check the sharpness
To check the sharpness of your knife, pull the edge very lightly on your finger nail. If it cuts, the knife is certainly sharp enough for most tasks.

Leather strop
The back of the leather cover functions as a leather strop. Together with our green honing compound it works well for stropping knife edges. See photo below.

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