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SureFire P3X Fury® Ultra-High Dual-Output LED KR-SF-P3XC-A SALE: $249.99 EA
SureFire Rechargeable Battery Handle for ARC2-8C Searchlight / Spotlight KR-SF-ARC2-BATT-8C SALE: $1,319.99 EA
SureFire Scout Light Rail-Mountable LED WeaponLight KR-SF-M600AA-BK SALE: $368.99 EA
Surefire SF-SF72-BB 123A Lithium Batteries (72 Units) KR-SF-SF-SF72-BB SALE: $149.00 EA
Surefire SF12-BB 123A Lithium Batteries (12 Units) KR-SF-SF12-BB SALE: $24.75 EA
Surefire SF1200-BB 123A Lithium Batteries (1200 Units) KR-SF-SF1200-BULK SALE: $2,195.00 EA
Surefire SF38400-BB 123A Lithium Batteries (38400 Units) KR-SF-SF38400-BULK SALE: $67,650.00 EA
Surefire SF400-BB 123A Lithium Batteries (400 Units) KR-SF-SF400-BULK SALE: $770.00 EA
SureFire Sidekick Ultra-Compact Variable-Output LED Flashlight KR-SF-SIDEKICK-A SALE: $79.99 EA
SureFire UDR Dominator Rechargeable Ultra-High Variable-Output LED KR-SF-UDR-A-BK SALE: $1,369.99 EA
Surefire UE07 Remote Switch Assembly for ScoutLights RS-UE07 SALE: $95.00 EA
SureFire Ultra-High Single-Output HID KR-SF-ARC3 SALE: $1,299.99 EA
SureFire Ultra-High Single-Output HID Searchlight / Spotlight KR-SF-ARC2-8C SALE: $2,819.99 EA
SureFire Ultra-High Single-Output HID Searchlight/Spotlight Head KR-SF-ARC2 SALE: $1,499.99 EA
SureFire V1 Vampire Dual-Output LED – White and IR Output KR-SF-V1-B-BK SALE: $298.99 EA
SureFire X300 Ultra KR-SF-X300U-B SALE: $298.99 EA
SureFire X400 Ultra - Red Laser KR-SF-X400U-A-RD SALE: $594.99 EA
SureFire X400 Ultra Green Laser KR-SFX400U-A-GN SALE: $749.00 EA
SureFire X400V IRc KR-SF-X400V-A-IRC SALE: $874.99 EA
SureFire XC1 Ultra-Compact LED Handgun Light KR-SF-XC1-A SALE: $298.99 EA
SureFire Y300 Ultra Ultra-High Dual-Output LED KR-SF-Y300U-A-BK SALE: $294.99 EA
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