ASP Defender Maintenance Kit



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This kit contains the materials necessary for maintenance of ASP Defenders. Included with each kit are:

Small O-Rings - Palm & Key (20)      Small Safeties - Palm & Key (5)
Small O-Ring Dispenser (Violet)        Small Retaining Pins - Palm & Key (15)
Large O-Rings - Street (25)              Large Safeties - Street (5)
Large O-Ring Dispenser (Green)       Large Retaining Pins -Street (15)
Baton O-Ring (30)                           Retaining Pin Tweezers
Baton O-Ring Dispenser (Blue)         Hex Tool
Break-Free®                                  Tactical Safety Button (5)
O-Ring Tool                                    Order Form
Small Split Rings (10)
Large Split Rings (10)
Replacing Split Rings
The heat treated black split rings used on ASP Defender Accessories. Attach the small keyring to the swivel and the larger ring to the first split ring or to the ASP Detachable. Inferior thin or non-heat treated split rings should be avoided when using ASP products.

Replacing O-Rings
A self-sealing 70 Durometer o-ring is incorporated on both the tip and cap of each Defender. O-rings can be removed by lifting them out of their groove with the O-Ring Tool. When replacing the o-ring on the cap, extreme caution is required. The retaining pin that holds the safety in place is held in position by the cap o-ring. Therefore, care should be taken when replacing this o-ring to not loosen the pin. (See Replacing the Safety) Once o-rings have been replaced, a drop of Break-Free should be applied to the new o-ring. Shake the Break-Free vigorously prior to application.

Replacing the Safety (Palm, Key, Street)
The safety mechanism of ASP Defenders is injection molded from an extremely high strength ordnance synthetic. To replace a broken safety, remove the cap from the Defender. Remove the split rings from the swivel. Remove the swivel from the cap. Using the O-Ring Tool, remove the o-ring from the cap. Tap the base of the cap sharply downward on a hard surface. This will dislodge the retaining pin. Remove the pin from the broken portion of the safety.

Install a new safety around the cap. Using the O-Ring Tool, align the safety with the retaining pin hole. Use the tweezers to install the retaining pin into the hole. Be certain that the retaining pin is holding the safety in place. Install an o-ring into the grove in the cap. Apply Break-Free to the o-ring. Release the safety, insert the swivel and re-activate the safety. Install split rings on the swivel.

Replacing the Safety (Tactical)
Engage the safety. Unscrew the center Activator Assembly of the Tactical Defender from the Defender body (which contains the Insert) and from the ASP Baton. Be careful that neither the Defender nor the baton shafts fall out. Using the 1/16" Hex Tool, unscrew the retaining screw in the baton side of the actuator. The Safety Assembly can then be removed from the top of the actuator. Install a replacement safety. The slot in the rear of the safety should be nearest the baton side of the actuator. Retighten the retaining screw. Disengage the safety, adjusting the tension of the retaining screw so that the safety/activation button functions smoothly.

Checking the Tip
Be certain that the Defender is unloaded. Remove the tip or dispersion lens of the Defender. Inspect the hole. If it is clogged, flush the hole with hot water. Inspect the o-ring or lens and replace it if worn. Re-install the tip or dispersion lens into the Defender.

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