Lithgow LA102 Crossover Centrefire Bolt Action Rifle (Non-Restricted)

Brand: Lithgow ArmsLithgow Arms

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LA102 Crossover Centrefire Rifle
The LA102 CrossOver brings Lithgow quality, accuracy and reliability to centrefire cartridges.

Manufacturer:  Lithgow Arms
Brand: Lithgow Arms, CrossOver
Country: Australia
Warranty: Managed in Canada by TWI

Category: Rifle
Classification (Canada): Non-Restricted
Type/Action: Bolt-Action (Right Handed or Left Handed)
Model No.: LA102 CrossOver
Calibre: 223Rem, 243Win, 308Win (See Dropdown)
Capacity 1: Box Magazine (Nylon); Flush Fit; Single Stack (223Rem = 4rd; 243win = 3rd; 308 = 3rd)
Capacity 2: Uses Tikka-Style Magazines
Capacity 3: Higher Capacity Magazines Available Soon
Barrel 1: 22” (560mm) Free-Floating, Cold Hammer-Forged; Proprietary Military Grade Steel
Barrel 2: Medium Varmint Weight, Target Crowned, Threaded (M14x1, RH; Other Patterns Available) w/ Protector
Barrel 3: Rate Of Twist: 223Rem = 6 Grooves 1:9” RH; 243Win = 6 Grooves 1:10” RH; 308Win = 6 Grooves 1:11” RH
Front Sight: NA
Rear Sight: NA
Optic Mounting: 1-Piece Picatinny Scope Base System
Receiver 1: High Tensile Steel with Hardened Plate Recoil Lug
Bolt 1: 3-Locking Lugs, 60 Degree Bolt Lift, Hardened Handle, 1-Piece Firing Pin
Bolt 2: Decocking Feature, Perpendicular Sear Engagement, Nylon Bolt Shroud & Knob
Trigger 1: Single Stage, 3-Way Adjustable (Weight, Sear Engagement, Draw Length)
Trigger 2: Factory Set at 1.5kg (3.3lbs)
Trigger 3: Adjustable Pull between 0.75kg – 1.9kg (1.65lbs – 4.2lbs)
Safety 1: 3-Position Safety, Bolt Shroud Mounted, Rotating Safety Catch with Indicator.
Safety 2: Safety Catch over-cocks and blocks the Firing Pin and disconnects the Trigger.
Safety 3: Settings: Fire; Safe with Bolt Locked; Safe w/o Bolt Unlocked
Stock 1: The Fixed Stock is made from Injection Molded Nylon and has a Butt Hook for improved prone hold
Stock 2: Length of Pull: Adjustable Synthetic (338mm – 358mm; 13.3” – 14.1”); 348mm (13.7“) for Walnut & Laminate
Stock 3: Glass Fibre Reinforced, 4-Point Bedding, Free Floating Barrel, Rubber Recoil Pad

Box: Lithgow Arms Branded Fibre Box
Case: NA
Documents: Manual, Warranty Card
Accessories: Lithgow Arms Branded Gun Sock, 3 Sling Studs Included
Other: 1-Piece Picatinny Rail (Scope Base) System for Optic Mounting

Receiver: Military Grade High Tensile Steel; CERAKOTE H Series (Titanium) Finish
Barrel: Military Grade High Tensile Steel; CERAKOTE H Series (Titanium) Finish
Stock: Injection Molded Nylon, Glass Fibre Reinforced, Satin Stain, Checkered, Black
Recoil Pad: Rubber, Black
Magazine:  Nylon, Flush Fit, Black
Other 1: CERKOTE H (Titanium) Finish on Barrel, Receiver, Sight Bases & Bolt Handle

Overall Length: 43” (1092mm)
Height: 6.75” (From Stock Base Hook to top of Scope Base)
Width: 1-7/8” (Stock/Receiver; 3-1/8” @ Bolt Knob)
Weight: 8.25lbs
Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 45.5” x 7.5” x 3”
Box Weight: 9.95lbs

Note 1: All Length Measurements are taken with the Flash Hider (if applicable) removed.  All Height and Width Measurements are taken with Accessories installed and the Magazine (if applicable) inserted.  All Weight Measurements are taken with an empty Magazine inserted.

Note 2: Please reference your Owner’s Manual for Instructions on operation, maintenance and limitations.  TWI assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of these products.

Note 3: The Lithgow Arms CrossOver is a Premium Grade Rifle the is built to the highest standards (exceeding CIP & SAAMI Tolerances). 

Note 4: Each Military Grade Steel Barrel is Cold Hammer Forged & Manufactured on the same machine at Lithgow that makes barrels for the ADF’s F90 rifles ensuring outstanding accuracy.

Note 5: The Australian-made LA102 CrossOver is a crossover Hunting / Varmint / Target rifle with modern tactical styling, high accuracy and reliability. The LA102 maintains the military, form-following-function style of the LA101 rifle with reinforced Polymer Stock, Broad Flat Forend and Cerakote™ treated Barrel and Receiver. Accuracy, now synonymous with the Lithgow Arms brand, is assured by our Floated, Cold Hammer Forged Barrels with Semi-Match Chambers and Three-Lug Lock Up Bolts. The new, Three Lever Style Trigger Module fitted to the LA102 is Adjustable for Weight, Sear Engagement and Overdraw.

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