Pro-Gard Ford PI Utility Universal Prisoner Transport Partitions

Brand: Pro-gard Industries Vehicle ArmorPro-gard Industries Vehicle Armor


SALE PRICE: $607.99 each

Pro-gard's Universal* Partitions are designed so that fleets can transfer the partition body from one Police Package Vehicle to another with the purchase of a transfer kit. This helps to reduce the equipment procurement costs when replacing aging vehicles in the fleet. Our Universal Partition is currently transferable between current body styles of the Chevrolet Caprice and Impala, Ford PI Sedan and PI Utility, and the Dodge Charger.

Our Universal* Partitions, as with all of our partitions, maintain the comfort of the driver's position with our unique mounting style. All of Pro-gard's partitions mount far enough back on the B-Pillar to maintain full functionality of the OEM driver's seat travel. We angle our partitions to provide room for adequate recline as well.

We offer nine different window configurations all of which are available in two styles of filler panels to meet the preferences of your agency.


For vehicles with active side curtain airbags, choose our patented Airbag Compatible Wings
For rigid wings use our AOI Side Curtain Airbag On/off Control Switch to safely prevent side curtain airbag deployment while partition is installed
Totally enclose the prisoner transport area with Full Width Extension Panel
Heavy Duty Construction easily withstands aggressive prisoner assaults
1”-5/8” Full Roll Bar Construction
High Density Foam Padding
Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Filler Panels
14 Gauge Steel Construction
Durable, Powder Coated Finish
Anodized Aluminum Window Frame
9 Window Configurations available to meet agency preferences
Window images shown from driver's perspective
Patented Design
Optional Horizontal Mount or Compact Mount Weapon Racks available to safely and securely store weapons
*Universal Partitions require the purchase of a transfer kit (Full Extension Panel, and mounting hardware/brackets) for transfer to another make/model vehicle


- Airbag Compatible Wings - patented design is designed to yield against the force of a side curtain airbag yet, provide ample resistance in limiting access to the front passenger area.
- Rigid Wings - fashioned from thicker profile polycarbonate than our Airbag Compatible Wings that will not yield against the force of a side curtain airbag. Thus, an AOI Airbag On/off Control Switch must be used for vehicles with full side curtain airbags.