Pro-Gard Ford PI Utility Rear Window Armor and ABS Door Panels

Brand: Pro-gard Industries Vehicle ArmorPro-gard Industries Vehicle Armor


SALE PRICE: $219.99 each

Adding Window Armor to the prisoner transport area can eliminate the costly cycle of replacing side windows that have been broken and kicked out by prisoners. Pro-gard offers two styles of window armor for the PI Utility, choose from our rugged, highly visible Steel Bars or our less aggressive look, the Polycarbonate with reinforced steel frame. Our Window Armor does not interfere with window operation, allowing for ventilation of the back seat if necessary.

Agencies can use our Window Armor for the OEM door panels if they want to maintain all door controls in the rear seat. Fleets who wish to further confine prisoners will appreciate the smooth flat surface of our ABS Rear Door Panels that completely eliminate door lock and latch and window controls in the back seat. Our flat surface design also eliminates the protrusions of the OEM panels that can otherwise prove to be points of counter leverage for prisoners when loading and unloading into the vehicle.


Puts an end to the costly, replacement costs of rear side windows resulting from prisoner destruction
Easy and quick to install for minimal downtime
Product design affords a clean, finished look from both the interior and exterior
Designed to ensure that driver visibility is minimally impacted yet able to maintain prisoner control
Will not interfere with side curtain airbag deployment
Does not impact driver or exterior window and door latch/lock controls
ABS Rear Door Panels are a smooth, easy to clean surface that resists pathogens and germs with normal routine cleaning and sanitizing
ABS Rear Door Panels eliminate any prisoner access to interior window controls and door locks and latches.
Window Armor is available in two styles for use with OEM door panels or with our ABS Door Panels
Polycarbonate Window Armor features a reinforced steel frame and offers a less aggressive look than traditional steel bar armor
Steel Bar Window Armor features 7 gauge steel construction and offers a highly visible appearance


Polycarbonate Window
- Window Armor and ABS Rear Door Panels (replaces OEM Door Panels)
- Window Armor only for use with OEM Door Panels
Steel Bar Window
- Window Armor and ABS Rear Door Panels (replaces OEM Door Panels)
- Window Armor only for use with OEM Door Panels