Pro-Gard Ford PI Utility Cargo Barrier

Brand: Pro-gard Industries Vehicle ArmorPro-gard Industries Vehicle Armor

SKU: PRO-B4702UINT13FPU_8183

SALE PRICE: $439.99 each

The open interior of SUVs can create potential hazards for officers carrying loose equipment. Pro-gard's rugged, steel Cargo Barriers offer a safe means to secure the cargo area of your SUV from the passenger compartment. Choose from our two window styles: Clear, Polycarbonate Window option eliminates prisoner access to the rear of the vehicle where contraband might otherwise be stashed. If containment is not an issue, our Wire Screen Window option allows for regular airflow to the rear of the vehicle.


Perfect platform for mounting electronics equipment
Rugged, powder coated steel panels are easy to clean and resist corrosion
Mounts to both the floor and roof utilizing pre-existing OEM holes and slots for an easier installation
Protects officers and prisoners from loose equipment that might slide forward from the rear of the vehicle
Mounts outside of the side curtain airbag deployment zone
Perfect companion to our Weapon/Storage Drawers or Cargo Cabinets in the back of your Utility
Polycarbonate Window encloses the prisoner space to eliminate potential places to hide contraband
Must be used in conjunction with Pro-gard's Prisoner Transport Seats for the Utility to provide support to the back seat
Wire Screen Window maintains open airflow from the back to the front of the vehicle