Pro-Gard Ford PI Utility Vertical, Pro-cell Mount Gun Racks

Brand: Pro-gard Industries Vehicle ArmorPro-gard Industries Vehicle Armor

SKU: PRO-G6300DFPU_7993

SALE PRICE: $441.99 each

Officers need to have their weapons handy when the situation demands. They also need to know that their weapon is secure for when they don't need it. Pro-gard offers a wide variety of Gun Racks to meet the needs of your officers on the road. We offer two styles of Pro-cell Vertical Partition Mount Gun Racks for vehicles utilizing the Pro-cell Prisoner Containment System that offer the same great benefits of our other Gun Racks.

The Vertical Partition Mount can be configured to fit a wide variety of weapons and mounts up to two weapons vertically on the partition. We offer the Half Cage Mount for the P1000 Pro-cell or our standard Vertical Partition Gun Rack for the P1826 Full Cage Pro-cell.


Mounts vertically on Pro-gard Partitions (two styles for either half cage or dual cage Pro-cells)
Durable, black powder coated steel finish resists corrosion
Available for either single or dual weapon mounting
“No Holes Drilled” installation for a quick and easy install
Custom fit the rack to meet the specifications of each individual officers weapons will help eliminate road rattle
Simple “Gun Rack Order Form” completion will allow us to build each rack to your specifications
Choose from three different styles of gun lock override keys: straight, vending, or handcuff
Each rack comes with a momentary switch and 8 second timer to give officers quick access when they need it