Pro-Gard Ford PI Utility Cargo Cabinet

Brand: Pro-gard Industries Vehicle ArmorPro-gard Industries Vehicle Armor


SALE PRICE: $3,799.99 each

SUVs are quickly becoming a standard in patrol vehicles. Because of the open concept in the cargo area, storage options are a must! Pro-gard offers a smaller size cargo cabinet that is designed specifically to fit the cargo area of smaller, crossover SUVs like the PI Utility.

The Cargo Cabinet features two file drawers and a parts drawer on the lower part and a locking weapon/storage drawer on the top to conceal weapons in a space that is otherwise highly visible from the outside. The locking weapon/storage drawer features a Simplex programmable lock which allows fleets to program all the cabinets to the same combination or per officer preference.

Constructed to meet the demands of the job, our Cargo Cabinets are made from a solid MDO Plywood frame that is overlaid with ABS for maximum protection against moisture, sunlight, and regular wear and tear. The corners are overlaid with PVC bumpers to further protect the corners against all the equipment that it may come into contact with in a cargo area.


Profile Dimensions: 26½” high x 40″ wide x 18″ deep
Weapon/storage drawer has a programmable lock to further secure specific items like weapons or electronic equipment
The top is finished with a Lonseal® liner that provides an easy to clean yet tacky surface to grip items
Marine grade carpet that will not absorb moisture, excellent for rainy days or humid weather
ABS overlay on cabinet sides provides an easy to clean exterior that won't fade in sunlight
PVC bumpers contour to the cabinet edges protecting the corners from splitting
HDP composite panel doors are sturdy and impact resistant
Large, easy access storage bins are perfect for storing overside gear or files
File drawers accommodate standard letter sized files to keep paperwork organized and tidy
MDO plywood structure combines the sturdy characteristics of plyood with the addition of resin outer layers that resist moisture