Pro-Gard Ford PI Utility Rear Window Guards

Brand: Pro-gard Industries Vehicle ArmorPro-gard Industries Vehicle Armor


SALE PRICE: $349.99 each

As more and more fleets switch to the SUV platform for patrol vehicles, the necessity to develop different styles of vehicle protection products begins to take shape. While the open nature of the SUV's cargo area is enticing for its storage capacity, the open visibility of this space can quickly become a problem. The wrap-around windows of the cargo area make expensive duty gear and weapons highly visible over a sedan's trunk. This can create a very enticing scenario for a would be thief. Pro-gard’s Rear Window Guards are the perfect theft deterrent for the rear cargo area of Police SUV vehicles.


Prevents break-ins of highly visible cargo area contents
Fits PI Utilities with or without the Ford “Ready for the Road Rear Lighting Package”
Installs underneath window trim for a clean, smooth finish that won’t snag on clothing or duty gear
Lightweight construction will not wear out the actuators of the rear hatch
Sturdy 11 gauge steel frame construction has black powder coat finish
Durable, 1/8” Wire Screen with 2” spacing that won’t hinder driver’s rear window visibility
Rear Window Guard set includes: Rear Cargo Door Window Guard, pair of Rear Side Window Guards, Polycarbonate Space Fillers for vehicles without the “Ready for the Road Package”, mounting hardware,