Pro-Gard Ford PI Utility Skid Plate

Brand: Pro-gard Industries Vehicle ArmorPro-gard Industries Vehicle Armor


SALE PRICE: $198.99 each

The common maneuvers of pulling off the road for routine traffic stops or cutting through medians can take a serious toll on the undercarriage of police vehicles. Adding an extra layer of protection underneath the cruiser is a wise investment towards protecting vital components. Our Skid Plates protect the PI Utility's transmission, exhaust manifold, and oil pan from the daily grind of pulling onto the shoulder, cutting through the median, high speed pursuits, and pushing stranded vehicles off of medians.

Because we have your fleet in mind when we design all of our products, Pro-gard's Skid Plates have strategically placed slots and holes that allow your technicians easy access to oil filters and drain plugs. These slots and holes allow for routine maintenance without having to remove the Skid Plate.


Heavy duty, powder coated steel construction resists corrosion from salt spray and other environmental conditions
Provides an added layer of protection for vital components underneath the vehicle that are otherwise exposed
Quick and easy access for routine maintenance like oil changes without having to remove the Skid Plate
“No Holes Drilled” feature utilizes existing OEM holes and slots for a quick and easy installation
Rugged steel construction stands up against the daily wear and tear of off road driving and median/shoulder traffic stops