Snugpak Travel Canopy

Brand: SnugpakSnugpak


SALE PRICE: $38.99 each

The Snugpak® Travel Canopy mosquito net provides essential protection against mosquitoes and other pesky and dangerous flying insects. This unique net, is light weight, yet is spacious enough for a couple. With its elastic corners it snugs the mattress and stays in place. The roof is constructed with a nifty spring ring which pops open when used and has an elastic hang-suspension to avoid damage when pulled down too hard. The Travel Canopy is nylon mosquito netting that provides a shimmering and stylish draping decor. It is easily packed and ideal for travel to areas where protection is a priority. Fits easily in any suitcase or carry bag. Ideal for expeditions into areas where there is a mosquito problem.
Treated with Deltamethrin as recommended by the World Health Organization, for added protection against insect borne diseases such as Malaria, Dengue Fever and Encephalitis.
The canopy hangs from a single point, has 20in diameter top pop out spreader ring, is 7.5ft tall, has a 29ft circumference at the bottom. The mesh has 156 holes per square inch.

Weight: 10 oz
Pack size: 8" x 3"
Available in white and olive.