Eberlestock Bruneau SPF Hoody

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SALE PRICE: $128.99 each

We've taken our quest of designing and constructing the most advanced hunting clothing on the planet seriously.  Every piece has gone through hours of testing, evaluation, and alteration. During this process, one of our most anticipated pieces emerged -- the Bruneau Hoodie has become our go-to, all-purpose hunting shirt.  In the early season, wear it by itself, as a lightweight, super stretchable, sun-protective, cool-breeze kind of hunting shirt.  As the season gets colder, add our Airbase layer beneath it, and the Bruneau becomes the shirt that you'll keep wearing right into the winter.

Hunting often involves long hours behind the glass, in the sun, looking for animals, or hours in a treestand -- with concern for wind, scent, bugs, and elements. Stay in the hunt and out of the sun with the Bruneau's Hoodie's SPF 30+ protection factor.  Features include 4-way stretch polyester fabric, long sleeves with thumb holes, a fitted hood, and a half face zipper.  Regardless of where and how you hunt, the Bruneau Hoodie will be your new favorite --  a lightweight barrier that will keep you comfortable.

Please note:  If you order the Buneau Hoody now, it will be a PRE-ORDER.  Your card will be charged now, but the item will not ship until late July.  But we're not making an infinite supply, so if you think you'll want one, we encourage you to make the jump!  We think this is a great piece of kit and hope you do too!

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