Mitee-Bite Advant-Edge Clamps

Brand: Mitee-Bite CNC Fixture ClampsMitee-Bite CNC Fixture Clamps

SKU: MITEE-52224_22980

SALE PRICE: $69.99 each

Advant-Edge Clamps

The MITEE-BITE Advant-Edge Clamp provides additional clamping force and improved table grip.

  • Tilted clamping element creates a positive downward force and 4,000 lbs. holding force
  • Hardened clamping element has both a smooth surface for machined workpieces and a serrated clamping surface for rougher work
  • Improved locking mechanism secures clamp to machine table
  • Packaged individually (52224) or as kit of two (52424)
Part No. Cam
BCDEFGHIMax Torque/Holding force
Square Washer
52224   #50372 5/8 5/16 .100 1.00 .375 .610 1.12 1.89 1.1 65/4000 51016
52424 (kit)                          
Metric                       (N.m./N.)  
Dimensions     16 8 2 25.4 9.5 16 28.5 48 28 88.00/17800  
Torque mounting bolt to 70 ft/lbs (150 N.m.)
Advant Edge Clamp Drawing

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