Fallkniven CMT Delta Lam. CoS Steel Maroon Micarta Handle

Brand: FallknivenFallkniven

SKU: CMT-Delta

SALE PRICE: $401.89 each

CMT (Character, Morse, Telephony) stands out as one of the most exclusive series of chef’s knives ever made. With more than thirty years of experience in knife steel technology, we have chosen to use a laminate cobalt steel. It’s a steel which has proven to be both strong and stay sharp very well. On top of that we add a convex edge which is both sharp and strong, also a result of our long experience of knives. In order to get a tight and hygienic joint between the cross-guard and the blade we weld the guard to the tang with a special electrode and then grind a sleek profile. To this we add an exceptionally beautiful maroon micarta to ensure a handle that will last as long as the blade. It’s obvious that these knives are entirely made by hand – no machine can produce such fine made knives!

Those who appreciate handcrafted, high quality knives in general will find that this is a series that is made for them. Important factors such as hi-end steel, exclusive materials, a well thought out design and an exclusive manufacturing method will remind the user of these knives about the quality that we also use on our hunting knives. With normal care, these chef’s knives will work throughout your entire life. Delivered in a beautiful solid wood gift box.

How do I care about these knives in the best way?
To begin with, we recommend that they should not be used for frozen meat nor to cut bones with. If you do you risk a broken or bent edge, despite the high quality. Cold makes the steel brittle and that also applies to the most exclusive of steel. Neither is a chef’s knife very good for heavy chopping, instead use a tooth tip tempered saw or cleaver. Finally, never place a nice knife in a dishwasher, that will considerably shorten the life of the knife and might ruin the edge. Make it a habit to hand wash the knife and let it dry before putting it back to its place.

How do I sharpen the CMT knives?
We gladly recommend our diamond sharpening steel. Our experience says that they quickly develop a really good edge. Diamond sharpeners might be a bit rough at first, but they get better after a break-in period. If you want to just tune the edge, we recommend our ceramic steel which work off significantly less steel but brings a really sharp edge. The best is probably a combination of these sharpeners which as well will last several decades.

Additional information  
Steel Lam. CoS
Hardness (HRC) 60
Edge Convex
Tang Full tang
Handle material Maroon Micarta
Weight, knife only (g) 230
Blade length (mm) 155
Blade thickness (mm) 3
Total length (mm) 280

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