Firefield Red Laser Universal Boresight

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SALE PRICE: $35.99 each

Achieve victory with the fastest gun zeroing and sighting system on the market. Designed to help shooters save time spent zeroing in and money spent on precious ammo, the Firefield ® Red Laser Universal Boresight delivers quick target acquisition almost effortlessly. With a magnetic base for easy application, users simply apply the device onto the end of any firearm barrel to activate the red laser and begin acquiring targets with pinpoint accuracy. Suitable for hunters, competitive shooters and law enforcement, the Red Laser Universal Boresight helps avoid live-fire at the range, while reducing wasted cartridges and shells. Included is a convenient carrying case for easy portability.

Item Features

  •     Precision Sighting & Zeroing Tool
  •     Accurate, Heavy Duty & Dependable
  •     Reduce Wasted Cartridges and Shells
  •     Compact for Easy Storage & Handling
  •     Lightweight Aluminum Construction
Product Specifications
  • 632-650
    Laser Wavelength
  • Approx. 30 Hours
    Battery Life
  • 3x AG13
    Battery Type
  • 15-100
    Range for Sighting, yd
  • Aluminum

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