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Lockhart Tactical AS46 Pump Action 12GA 20 Round Drum Magazine

Brand: Lockhart TacticalLockhart Tactical
$399.99 EA
32 units available to be ordered
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Fellow 12GA Pump Action Shotgun Lovers! This is the fun gun accessory for you!

Qtys will be very limited. We are also working on getting a large shipment of AS46 pump action shotguns as well for any of you who've always wanted to own one but didn't get the chance.

Laser engraved text: FOR USE IN PUMP SHOTGUN ONLY

This drum magazine delivers lasting strength and corrosion resistance for faithful service in any tactical or target shooting application. The high-strength steel spring and polymer follower work together to deliver smooth, jam-free operation, and the precision-machined feed lips ensure a snug fit and smooth feeding performance with most 2.75” 12 gauge cartridges

- It's 20 rounds of 12 gauge pump action love. What else is there to know!
- Fits all AS46 pump action shotguns
- May fit other Turkish 12GA Magazine Fed Pump action shotguns
- Fits 2 3/4" 12GA Shells

Easy Loading Instructions
Step 1: Load the drum one shell at a time. Ensure each shell is well seated in the feed lips.
Step 2: Press down and hold the shell in place while you load the next shell.
Step 3: Once your drum is loaded, engage the safety on your firearm and insert the drum into your pump action shotgun. The drum will break in and become much easier to load after 4-5 iterations.
You’re ready to fire! Range Safety Rules Always Apply!

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