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STATAS GEN 2 Trip Alarm Safety System

$69.00 EA
$29.95 EA if 5+
$274.99 EA if 2+
$29.95 EA if 5+
14 units available to be ordered Add to cart
$39.99 EA
480 units available to be ordered Choose options
$4.95 EA if 10+
$29.95 EA if 5+
6 units available to be ordered Add to cart
$29.99 EA if 2+

Bear Defense and Tactical Equipment Solutions - Safety Solutions is our Business
Lockhart Tactical, known for our above and beyond customer service while delivering the highest quality products. We ensure units on the ground have the best safety, performance, comfort and accuracy equipment available. We work with Law Enforcement and Military professionals around the globe. With over 377 brands including 5.11 Tactical, Blackhawk, Cadex Defence Rifles, Danner Boots, FD12 Shotguns, Glock Pistols, MagnumSpike Vehicle Spike Strips, Original Swat Boots, Streamlight Lights, Wiley X Ballistic Eyewear, and much more, we're your one stop purchasing solution.

Our Brand new GEN 2 STATAS device is the perfect camp protection solution against bears, cougars, aggressive dogs and other large preditors.

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