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Santa Cruz Model SC-917-5 Rapid-Adjust Universal Gun Rack

Brand: Santa Cruz Firearm LocksSanta Cruz Firearm Locks
$299.00 EA

Thanks to its versatility and ease of adjustment, the SC-917-5 is one of our most popular gun racks. Our patented SC-5 gunlock can slide and lock into any position along the length of the 18″ mounting bar, enabling users to quickly adjust the gun rack to properly fit their firearm. The SC-917-5 is universal in nature and ideal for securing a wide range of firearms, including patrol rifles and pump shotguns. This gun rack can be mounted on a partition wall between the seats, in trunk, on a trunk lid or on practically any flat surface.

Components include:

  • 1 x SC-5-XL Universal Gun Lock (key: #2 or handcuff)
  • 1 x SC-502 18″ Flat Bar
  • 1 x SC-1900 or SC-1901 Butt Plate
  • 1 x SC-9903 L-Bracket
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Installation Instructions

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