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Santa Cruz Model SC-920-MR Universal Rail Rifle Muzzle Gun Rack

Brand: Santa Cruz Firearm LocksSanta Cruz Firearm Locks
$334.00 EA

The SC-920-MR is an excellent solution for securing AR-15 type rifles. In this configuration, the SC-5 gunlock clamps around the rifle’s buffer tube and acts as a physical block to the charging handle, making it impossible to chamber a round while the rifle is secured in the gun rack.
Components include:

  • 1 x SC-5-XL Universal Gun Lock (key: #2 or handcuff)
  • 1 x SC-9311 Muzzle Cup
  • 1 x SC-9230 30″ Universal Rail
  • 1 x SC-9302 Mounting Hinge
  • 1 x SC-9903 L-Bracket
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Installation Instructions

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