Blackhawk Tactical Pistol Lanyard
2014-03-03 13:09
Our Tactical Pistol lanyard features a Streamlined Modified BTS modular belt loop attachment system. The micro coiled lanyard is covered with heavy
KR-BH-90TPL1BK SALE PRICE: $25.45 each
ASP SideBreak Scabbard
2014-04-16 12:16
SECURE RETENTION, INSTANT ACCESSProtection. Portation. Presentation. The three criteria of any baton scabbard. Each carrier must define a compromise b
ASP Lock Write Pen Key
2014-04-20 01:46
Travis Roemmele is a working police officer and a Certified ASP Instructor. He is also a very smart guy. Based upon his years on the street, Travis co
Gerber Bear Grylls Basic Kit
2017-08-14 10:42
The Basic Kit's mantra: Stay prepared. Stay Alive. Includes: waterproof bag, Mini Paraframe knife, emergency whistle, fire starter, waterproof matches
31-000700 SALE PRICE: $26.99 each
Blackhawk Mini Deployment Bag
2013-01-26 14:27
Designed to carry the Mini BoltMaster™, Mini Breacher™, and Micro Thunder-Sledge™ at the ready, the Mini Deployment Bag can easily be stored in
60ME03BK SALE PRICE: $67.99 each
Blackhawk Stalker Drag Mat
2013-01-26 14:27
Perfect for use as a shooting mat, rifle carry case, or drag bag, the Stalker Drag Mat is meant for the true operator.• Constructed of 1000 denier n
80DM00OD SALE PRICE: $135.99 each
Blackhawk Strike MBITR Radio Pouch
2014-03-12 16:40
Holds 1 Single MBITR Radio Choose between Speed Clip and MOLLE mount Check out the Speed Clip vs. MOLLE mounting video on the Videos tab Ma
37CL20BK SALE PRICE: $40.99 each
Blackhawk Strike Folding Dump Pouch
2013-01-26 14:27
•  Belt-mounted folding/roll-up dump pouch•  Low profile when stowed, this pouch can be used as a mag dump pouch,
37CL77CT SALE PRICE: $24.99 each
Blackhawk Strike Shotgun 12 Round Ammo Pouch
2014-03-09 16:43
Holds 12 rounds
38CL30BK SALE PRICE: $30.99 each
Blackhawk Cordura Medium MK3 Chemical Agent Pouch
2014-03-16 00:51
Holds MK3 size chemical agent canisters   Only BLACKHAWK!® has combined the crisp, professional look of molded nylon with the superior abrasio
BH-44A500BK SALE PRICE: $23.99 each
Blackhawk Universal Magazine / Knife Case
2014-03-04 18:19
*  Cordura nylon outer shell *  Black wall padded for comfort; padded flap knit lining and Hook & Loop closure.  Ideal for ca
44A055 SALE PRICE: $16.99 each
Blackhawk Multi-Purpose Flashlight Pouch
2014-03-19 05:22
This pouch fits the following flashlights: Legacy X6 Duo PXL-6 Conquest PL-3 Legacy L6-P Falcata 6v
BH-38CL92CT SALE PRICE: $16.99 each
Blackhawk Agent Patch
2014-03-25 16:13
• Smooth embroidery, not printed• Easily mounts to any MOLLE/S.T.R.I.K.E.® gear using ID Panel Base, 38CL42 (not included); can also be s
90IN01WG SALE PRICE: $9.99 each
Blackhawk American Flag Patch
2014-03-25 16:03
Embroidered with matching border Come with hook & loop for quick on-off capability 2” X 3”
90 SALE PRICE: $6.99 each
SureFire EP9 Sonic Defenders Cobalt Max Full-Block Flanged Earplugs
2015-12-11 03:16
EP9 Sonic Defenders® Cobalt Max earplugs utilize a soft, adjustable, triple-flanged stem to seal the ear canal and block out potentially harmful nois
KR-SF-EP9-BL-SPR SALE PRICE: $12.99 each
Hatch Centurion Neoprene Knee Pads
2013-02-03 21:14
The Centurion NK45 Knee Pads are non-reflective and silent. They are flexible and fit comfortably under or over clothing, and are ideal for long-term
NK45 SALE PRICE: $33.99 each
Tru-Spec Silent Key Holder
2014-09-25 11:33
DUTY GEAR TOUGH ENOUGH FOR USE UP AND DOWN THE THIN BLUE LINE This high-quality, professional gear for your duty belt will ensure that you have your
KR-TSP-9029 SALE PRICE: $10.99 each
Fox Labs 4Oz., 2% Oc, Pop Top, Lock-On Grenade
2014-09-04 04:00
This 4-ounce unit contains the world famous FIVE POINT THREE® formula, used by the U.S. Military, all types of municipal, county, state and federal l
KR-FL-42GR SALE PRICE: $21.99 each
Blackhawk Ergonomic Duty Belt Harness
2014-03-27 02:33
• Harness used to alleviate discomfort caused by the heavy weight of an equipment-laden duty belt• Broad range fit for any type of body armor or b
BH-44H001BK SALE PRICE: $79.99 each
AirBoss Defense C4 CBRN Gas Mask
2017-06-07 14:42
NATO’s lightest mask, the C4, provides the ultimate comfort. As AirBoss‑Defense’s CBRN negative pressure full face respirator, the C4 was
IS-AB-RP-088001C01 REQ Quote
Blackhawk Pistol Bunji Retention Kit Black
2014-03-03 13:12
• High-strength shock cord provides additional retention during extreme ops• Great for three-gun matches• Secure it to your holster with a girth
40BR00 SALE PRICE: $9.99 each
Tru-Spec Speed Loader Pouch
2014-09-25 11:41
DUTY GEAR TOUGH ENOUGH FOR USE UP AND DOWN THE THIN BLUE LINE This high-quality, professional gear for your duty belt will ensure that you have your
KR-TSP-6423 SALE PRICE: $13.99 each
ASP Baton Dispersion Caps
2014-04-16 15:53
Replacement dispersion caps for the Tactical Defender. Available in Gold and Silver Band models.
ASP G1 Key Magnetic Box
2014-04-20 01:53
Key sold separately.
Gerber Mini Pry Bar
2017-08-14 14:37
Some breaching operations aren't planned. This compact pry bar is easily carried on your kit for the moment you need it. Virtually indestructible, the
30-001057 SALE PRICE: $50.99 each
Blackhawk Gorilla Bar
2014-03-17 16:44
Designed specifically for potentially dangerous and volatile environments, Dynamic Entry’s Non-Sparking HallaganTools™ feature a composite constru
BH-DE-GB SALE PRICE: $234.99 each
Blackhawk Mini Tool Kit
2014-03-17 15:41
To meet the requests for a lighter and stronger tactical entry kit, the design team at Dynamic Entry® developed the Mini ToolKit™. The Mini BoltMas
BH-DE-MTK SALE PRICE: $499.99 each
Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Mini Bolt Master (Pouch Only)
2014-03-19 04:27
BLACKHAWK! Dynamic Entry® Mini Bolt Master™ Pouch **NOTE** Pouch only.
BH-5100880BK SALE PRICE: $54.99 each
Blackhawk Pro-Shooters Mat
2014-03-10 10:21
The BLACKHAWK! Pro-Shooters Mat is ideal for any type of rifle, pistol, or shotgun competition requiring multiple shooting positions. It has a unique
80CM00 SALE PRICE: $164.99 each
Blackhawk Strike Pro Marksman Folding Ammo Pouch
2014-03-06 16:05
•  Securely holds 20 rounds of .308 ammunition •  Elastic band protects projectile tips •  Side flaps have cle
BH-37CL87 SALE PRICE: $39.99 each
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