Blackhawk Askins Style Nylon Hip Holster
2014-04-04 05:58
Combining the popular Askins design with our multi-size, ambidextrous holster fit, the Nylon Askins Style Hip Holster rides close to the hip, making i
BH-40NA0 SALE PRICE: $25.99 each
Blackhawk Omega VI Universal Ambidextrous Nylon Drop Leg Holster
2014-04-04 06:06
The Ωmega VI Improved Holster is the epitome of functionality, combining our popular universal drop-leg holster with a Y-harness suspension system. G
BH-40ALH1 SALE PRICE: $85.99 each
Blackhawk Nylon Laser Holster
2014-04-04 06:17
• Constructed of fade- and abrasion-resistant 1000 denier CORDURA® nylon• Holds popular-sized pistols with most under-barrel lasers• Easily dec
BH-40LH SALE PRICE: $24.99 each
Blackhawk Angle Draw Shoulder Holster
2014-04-04 06:22
• Fully adjustable harness system provides comfortable concealment on or off duty• Quick and efficient draw with a 45-degree set angle• Twin spa
BH-40SH00BK SALE PRICE: $61.99 each
Blackhawk Universal SpecOps Pistol Harness / Holster
2014-04-04 06:26
• Can be worn cross-body in vertical, horizontal, or angled position• Padded and fully adjustable• Fits most auto pistols• Right-hand model on
Blackhawk Vertical Shoulder Scoped Holster
2014-04-04 06:31
Vertical carry provides excellent concealment, comfort and retention Offside tie-down has dual picatinny rail platform for accessories C
BH-40SV SALE PRICE: $54.99 each
Blackhawk Omega VI Elite Dropleg Holster
2014-04-04 06:38
• Fully adjustable drop-leg thigh holster with quick-release belt mount• Elastic, rubberized leg straps for stability and comfort• Three-point b
BH-40QD4 SALE PRICE: $85.99 each
Blackhawk Thumb Break Nylon Hip Holster
2014-04-04 06:57
• Dual-slot belt loops can be used on duty, sport, or dress belts• Laminate construction for waterproof protection• Molded thumb break a
40ht SALE PRICE: $25.99 each
Blackhawk Pocket Holster
2014-04-04 07:02
• Low-profile laminate construction protects wearer’s skin from weapon’s sharp edges and provides moisture barrier• Open-top holster p
40PP0-BK SALE PRICE: $12.99 each
Blackhawk Inside-The-Pants Holster
2014-04-04 07:08
• Ultra-thin, three-layer nylon laminate provides comfortable next-to-skin wear• Smooth nylon lining for easy draw• Fold-over hook &
73IR0-BK SALE PRICE: $18.99 each
Blackhawk Ambidextrous Flat Belt Holster
2014-04-04 07:11
• Fits any belt up to 2” wide and holds most small to medium frame and medium to large frame autos and revolvers• Adjustable, ambidextro
BH-40FB02BK SALE PRICE: $20.99 each
Blackhawk Ankle Holster
2014-04-04 07:14
• Comfortable, soft knit fabric• Closed-cell foam provides moisture barrier and padded comfort• Molded thumb break and non-stretch reten
40AH-BK SALE PRICE: $39.99 each
Blackhawk Ambidextrous Holster w/ Magazine Pouch
2014-04-04 07:18
• Ambidextrous belt or inside-the-pants configurations• Removable spring-steel clip• Belt loops act as covers for reversible retention s
40AM-BK SALE PRICE: $29.99 each
Blackhawk Belt Pouch Holster
2014-04-04 07:21
These clever concealment pouches allow you to carry “hidden in plain sight.” Designed to mimic a camera or tourist pouch, each has a top z
40BP0-BK SALE PRICE: $44.99 each
Blackhawk Horizontal Shoulder Holster
2014-04-04 07:25
• Horizontal carry and lightweight construction for increased comfort• Offside plate for optional accessories• Molded thumb break and no
40HS-BK SALE PRICE: $59.99 each
Blackhawk Weapon Fanny Pack Holster
2014-04-04 07:34
• Internal, fully adjustable universal holster with thumb break• Retention belt loops attach to your belt for extra security and retention
60WF0-BK SALE PRICE: $64.99 each
Blackhawk Inside-The-Pants Holster
2014-04-04 07:36
• Ultra-thin, three-layer nylon laminate provides comfortable next-to-skin wear• Smooth nylon for easy draw• Belt clip slips over pant t
73IP0-BK SALE PRICE: $12.99 each
Blackhawk Nylon Hip Holster
2014-04-04 07:39
• Ultra-thin, three-layer nylon laminate provides comfortable next-to-skin wear• Smooth nylon lining for easy draw• Adjustable retention
73NH-BK SALE PRICE: $18.99 each
Blackhawk Paddle Holster
2014-04-04 07:41
•  Paddle adjusts for vertical, butt-forward or muzzle-forward carry•  Holster encloses trigger guard and features a non-st
40PH-BK SALE PRICE: $41.99 each
Blackhawk Pancake Holster
2014-04-04 07:44
• Ambidextrous (adjustable retention strap and thumb break are reversible)• Three-slot design allows strong-side, kidney, or cross-draw mo
40PC-BK SALE PRICE: $27.99 each
Blackhawk Serpa Platform Ambidextrous
2014-03-25 01:41
• High-density polymer carbon-fiber blend• Secures holsters, rails, and carbon-fiber accessories such as light and magazine cases• Can be mounte
BH-38CL63 SALE PRICE: $16.99 each
Blackhawk Strike Speed Clips
2014-03-25 01:25
Speed Clips are made of a modern carbon-fiber polymer material that is strong, flexible and durable. These are the most versatile new pieces of MOLLE
BH-38C SALE PRICE: $6.99 each
Blackhawk Duty Accessory Mounting Screw Kit
2014-03-27 02:48
Required for mounting BLACKHAWK!® duty gear accessories onto Modular Drop-Leg Platform (sold separately) orSERPA® Tactical Holster Platform (sold se
BH-44AK0001 SALE PRICE: $4.99 each
Blackhawk X26 Taser Cartridge Holder
2014-04-02 07:52
• Injection-molded carbon-fiber blend construction• Attaches easily to BLACKHAWK!® TASER® X26 Duty Holster• Rapid reload capability• Mini-Mo
BH-44A890BK SALE PRICE: $24.99 each
Blackhawk Alaska Guide Nylon Holster
2014-04-04 05:42
Built with robust nylon, the Alaska Guide Holster is designed for long-lasting durability and performance—perfect for professional guides, sportsmen
BH-40AG0 SALE PRICE: $84.99 each
Blackhawk Metal Alice Clips (4 Pack)
2014-03-25 01:49
BLACKHAWK! Metal Alice Clips (4 Pack)
BH-HMAC04 SALE PRICE: $6.99 each
Blackhawk Leather Slide Belt Holster
2014-02-28 18:03
• Ambidextrous design• Constructed of top-quality Italian leather with spring-steel clip• Belt clip for inside-the-pants wear and belt loops for
74LH0 SALE PRICE: $42.99 each
Blackhawk Breacher's Retention Kit
2014-02-27 15:51
The Shotgun Breacher’s Rention Kit features the trademarked a weapon’s catch, weapon’s sling and body armor d-ring sling adapter. The weapon’s
K02099-B SALE PRICE: $59.99 each
Blackhawk Bedside Holster
2014-04-04 06:14
• Ambidextrous design• Mounting platform slips between mattress and box springs• Holds pistol beside bed for rapid access• Universal-fit holst
BH-40BH00BK SALE PRICE: $34.99 each
Blackhawk CQD Weapon Retention Catch
2014-03-03 16:37
Created specifically for police and military special operations units, the CQD®Weapons Catch provides weapon security and retention while pro
71CQD SALE PRICE: $36.99 each
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