Voice Recorders One-Touch Pen Voice Recorder - MP2
2015-11-02 12:05
One-touch voice recording personifies the MP2 capabilities. The stylish writing design of the pen compliments the high quality, intuitive recording ab
KJB-MP2 SALE PRICE: $94.99 each
Voice Recorders Diasonic - D5300
2015-11-02 12:12
Consider your Digital Voice Recorder storage needs met with the D5300. No other voice recorder offers as many features with as much recording capacity
KJB-D5300 SALE PRICE: $135.99 each
Voice Recorder Mini - D1306
2015-11-02 12:20
Intuitive operation and a slim design set this digital recorder apart from the rest. With increased memory capacity and telephone recording features,
KJB-D1306 SALE PRICE: $102.99 each
Voice Recorders Universal Microphone Record Adapter - CC10
2015-11-02 12:24
Designed to enable recording telephone calls without connecting wires to the phone, the CC10 ear-bud has a built-in hidden microphone and is easily on
KJB-CC10 SALE PRICE: $20.99 each
Voice Recorders Call Assistant SD - DR004
2015-11-02 12:25
When quality assurance is your aim nothing outperforms the Call Assistant Digital Voice Recorder. Designed to work with analog phone systems or unique
KJB-DR004 SALE PRICE: $171.99 each
Voice Recorders Smartphone - D1305
2015-11-02 12:34
Smartphone Digital Voice Recording has never been simpler. Designed specifically to record that ever important, on the go conversation, the D1305 is t
KJB-D1305 SALE PRICE: $91.99 each
Zone Shield Smoke Detector SideView Night Vision for QUAD/QUAD LCD - C1547
2015-11-02 12:46
Purchase this additional covert camera to add to your existing Zone Shield Quad or Quad LCD Wireless camera receiver set. SleuthGear Zone Shield Wirel
KJB-C1547 SALE PRICE: $197.99 each
Drive Proof Black Box Car Camera (Full HD) - DAS-3000HD
2015-11-02 12:51
The Drive Proof DAS-3000HD is a true 1080P video recording system that offers vehicle surveillance beyond the quality of common car cameras. Besides t
KJB-DAS-3000HD SALE PRICE: $288.99 each
DC Power Adaptor for DP-210/DP-210WH - DP-ADPT
2015-11-02 12:55
This DC power adaptor is ideal for those that would like to move the Vehicle Black Box Car Camera between vehicles without the need to constantly relo
Zone Shield DVD Player QUAD - C1556
2015-11-02 12:56
Built inside this working DVD player is a covert camera and wireless transmitter. USB/RCA connectivity, SD recording capacity, and remote view on smar
KJB-C1556 SALE PRICE: $398.99 each
GPS Antenna for DAS-3000HD - DAS-ANT
2015-11-02 12:57
Capture GPS location with the accessory GPS antenna. With this GPS antenna you can see a moving map or satellite image while viewing your captured vid
Recover It Check Mate Semen Detection Kit - KT100
2015-11-02 13:00
Put an end to suspicions of infidelity using the CheckMate Semen Detection test Kit. Users can expect accurate results and receive 5 tests with each b
KJB-KT100 SALE PRICE: $40.99 each
Adhesive Mount for HDH‐4000C - HDH-MOUNT
2015-11-02 13:00
Place additional mounts in different vehicles to easily switch the car camera from one vehicle to another without the need to remove the mount. Inclu
Video‐out Cable for HDH-4000C - HDH-VID
2015-11-02 13:02
Video-out cable accessory for HDH-4000C. Included and Extra Accessories1- Video out cable
Video-out Cable for DAS-3000HD - DAS-VID
2015-11-02 13:04
Video-out cable accessory for DAS-3000HD
Hard Wiring Module Kit for DAS-3000HD - DAS-WIRE
2015-11-02 13:06
With this accessory you can hard wire the car camera directly to the fuse panel. The wiring harness has a power sensor that will stop the camera from
Recover It Spy Cobra PC Monitoring Software Deluxe - PC401
2015-11-02 13:07
Monitor up to 5 PC's simultaneously using the most advanced Spy Cobra software to date. The Spy Cobra Deluxe monitors specific PC activities and will
KJB-PC401 SALE PRICE: $121.99 each
Smartphone Camera - DVR257
2015-11-02 13:53
Uncover evidence with this undercover Smartphone hidden camera. Unlike traditional smartphones, the camera is covertly located so that you can record
KJB-DVR257 SALE PRICE: $329.99 each
Smart Watch Spy Camera - DVR235
2015-11-02 14:00
The new generation of a spy watch camera is all wrapped in a smart watch. This watch cam is packed full of features. The camera will zoom in so you ca
KBJ-DVR235 SALE PRICE: $98.99 each
Flash Drive Style Video Camcorder - DVR230
2015-11-02 14:09
High definition portable video recording is easy with this self recording DVR disguised as a USB Flash drive. Get one hour of battery power or continu
KJB-DVR230 SALE PRICE: $33.99 each
Power Case DVR - DVR225
2015-11-02 14:13
Convert your iPhone 4 to a covert hidden camera with this HD camera case. The case, which was designed to look like a backup battery for your iPhone 4
KJB-DVR225 SALE PRICE: $398.99 each
Adaptor Line Cam - DVR252
2015-11-02 14:20
An ordinary A/C adaptor with a little secret. The camera is in the end of the power line. Features and Best UsesFlexible Camera Cord Design Set Apart
KJB-DVR252 SALE PRICE: $377.99 each
Mini Camcorder - DVR95
2015-11-02 14:26
A camera this small puts being a detective in the palm of your hand. Capable of taking videos or photos, this tiny camcorder records directly to a mic
KJB-DVR95 SALE PRICE: $55.99 each
Bluetooth Headset Cam - DVR215
2015-11-02 14:32
Collect video evidence using this covert Bluetooth Camera system. Designed to look like a common Bluetooth headset, this device offers video and photo
KJB-DVR215 SALE PRICE: $53.99 each
Stylish Glasses DVR Camera - DVR290
2015-11-02 14:38
Surveillance with style, this modern looking pair video glasses is equipped with HD color camera, a rechargeable battery, and a built-in recording sys
KJB-DVR290 SALE PRICE: $233.99 each
KJB Wi-Fi Home Monitoring System II - WF1100
2015-11-02 14:48
Free live video with the KJB Wi-Fi Home surveillance system using our free APP. Connect multiple cameras to your wireless network to watch your valuab
KJB-WF1100 SALE PRICE: $118.99 each
KJB Wi-Fi Home Monitoring system - WF1120
2015-11-02 14:51
When you need to know whats going on while you're away our KJB Wi-Fi surveillance system can help you protect what matters most from anywhere at anyti
KJB-WF1120 SALE PRICE: $89.99 each
HD DVR with Button Camera Set - DVR520
2015-11-02 15:20
KJB’s answer to the covert body worn DVR and Button Camera kit, this system is an affordably priced, high quality hand held DVR. Equipped with 1080P
KJB-DVR520 SALE PRICE: $350.99 each
Tactical Headset Camera - C11871
2015-11-02 15:27
Carefully planned surveillance requires tactical equipment. The C11871 is a tactical camera suited for hands free surveillance with this use of the ad
KJB-C11871 SALE PRICE: $336.99 each
Clear Lens Glasses Camera - C1164
2015-11-02 15:32
The C1164 is a pair of reading glasses with a tiny color pinhole camera built into the frames. The modern frames, high resolution color camera, and wi
KJB-C1164 SALE PRICE: $229.99 each
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