Brunton Conventional Pocket Transit Compass
2014-02-26 08:10
Product DetailsUtilizing a more traditional design, the Conventional uses Alnico II magnets and a "V" cut sapphire jewel bearing for smooth movement.
MO-BRUNTON-F-2001 SALE: $399.99 each
Brunton Instructor Compass Kit
2014-02-27 11:55
Product DetailsAs the world's largest and oldest manufacturer of compasses, Brunton's navigational experience is unsurpassed. This instructor's kit
MO-BRUNTON-F-8900C-12 SALE: $219.99 each
Brunton DWB 1894 Compass
2014-02-27 11:57
Product DetailsThe vintage, collectible gentlemans compass that pays tribute to more than a century of innovation. Modeled after an original D.W. Br
MO-BRUNTON-F-1894DWB SALE: $199.99 each
Brunton Cadet Compass
2014-02-27 12:03
Product DetailsThis lightweight, and compact dynamic training compass will teach you to use our transits. SPECIFICATION:Azimuth resolution: 2°
MO-BRUNTON-F-2200 SALE: $99.99 each
Brunton Omni-Sight Compass
2014-02-27 12:56
Product DetailsWith both forward and reciprocal bearings, plus 90° quadrants and 6400 point MILS, the OMNI-SIGHT spot-through compass offers the conv
Brunton Globe
2014-02-27 12:52
Product DetailsRe-envisioning a classic, the pin on ball compass still features the same direction finding reliability and hands-free ease of use, n
Brunton Zip Compass
2014-02-27 12:47
PRODUCT DETAILSIntegrating the revolutionary BRUNTON O.S.S. system into a small, tag-along compass, the new Zipper pull compass also features a toug
Brunton Watch Band Compass
2014-02-27 12:51
Product DetailsPartially inspired by the ease and freedom of our Double-Back task light, the watch band compass is equipped with a rubberized loop t
Brunton Locker Compass
2014-02-27 12:45
Product DetailsSoon to be the core of your backcountry survival kit, the Locker features a water resistant storage chamber perfect for keeping match
Brunton 28NL Micro Compass
2014-02-27 12:43
Product DetailsThe super-small Micro base plate key-ring compass provides cardinal points and a millimeter scale in virtually no space. SPECIFICATI
MO-BRUNTON-F-28NL SALE: $12.99 each
Brunton O.S.S. 30B Compass
2014-02-27 12:34
Product DetailsCompass design has been stagnant for generations. No matter how you dressed them up, they all looked the same. Thats why Brunton, the
MO-BRUNTON-F-BOSS30B SALE: $20.99 each
Brunton 60M Compass
2014-02-27 12:26
Product DetailsWhen push comes to shove and you are lost in the wilderness, will you reach for some chintzy piece of plastic made in a sweatshop? Or
MO-BRUNTON-F-BOSS60M SALE: $49.99 each
Brunton Leather Transit Compass Case
2014-02-27 12:28
Product DetailsProtect your handmade masterpiece with our tough leather case. Attach it to your belt with the belt loop attachement on back. SPECIF
MO-BRUNTON-51-3000B SALE: $46.99 each
Brunton Kayak Strap Compass
2014-02-27 12:24
Product DetailsWaterproof and built to last, the 58 straps securely to your sea kayak with elastic cords, and is easily removed to throw your boat o
MO-BRUNTON-F-58KAYAK SALE: $55.99 each
Brunton Rally Car Compass
2014-02-27 12:22
Product DetailsThis competition-ready rally compass mounts to your car, truck or boat dash to show your heading at a glance. Pre-wired to tie into y
MO-BRUNTON-F-58CE SALE: $59.99 each
Brunton O.S.S. 70M Compass
2014-02-27 12:17
Product DetailsThe 70M is the re-evolution of the award-winning Eclipse 8099. Still featuring the three clinometers system, combined clear base
MO-BRUNTON-F-BOSS70M SALE: $99.99 each
Brunton 70P
2014-02-27 12:05
Product DetailsFits into manufacturer-ready recesses to flush-mount on kayaks or boat bulkheads for a smooth factory-installed look at easy, reliabl
MO-BRUNTON-F-70P SALE: $126.99 each
Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Compass
2014-02-06 11:53
When the sun or stars aren't readily available, you'll require another way to get your bearings in the wild - enter the Compact Compass. Secure it wit
31-001777 SALE: $18.99 each
Brunton Omni-Slope Inclinometer
2014-02-27 12:55
Product DetailsThe ultimate forestry instrument, the OMNI-SLOPE inclinometer measures angles in degrees, percent grade and the 66 foot forestry chain.
Crkt Survival Bracelet Accessory
2014-06-07 01:51
Because you never know when your adventure might get crazy - Being prepared is a lifestyle. It takes careful training of both mind and hands to make
CRKT-9703 SALE: $16.99 each
Crkt Survival Bracelet Accessory
2014-06-07 06:53
Because you never know when your adventure might get crazy - Being prepared is a lifestyle. It takes careful training of both mind and hands to make
CRKT-9700 SALE: $12.99 each
Survival Bracelet Accessory
2014-06-07 18:21
Because you never know when your adventure might get crazy - Being prepared is a lifestyle. It takes careful training of both mind and hands to make
CRKT-9701 SALE: $9.99 each
Brunton International Pocket Transit Compass
2015-08-04 06:35
PRODUCT DETAILSThe design for the International Pocket Transit Compass effectively reduces needle dip when professionals travel to different hemispher
MO-BRUNTON-F-5005LM SALE: $429.99 each
Brunton Geo Pocket Transit Compass
2015-08-04 06:48
PRODUCT DETAILSThe newest and most advanced Transit Compass, incorporating suggestions and ideas from professionals that make this the ultimate tool f
MO-BRUNTON-F-5010 SALE: $599.99 each
Brunton Compro Pocket Transit Compass
2015-08-05 05:55
PRODUCT DETAILSWith a body made of composite materials, this Transit Compass is a lighter, more affordable alternative. It incorporates a cast NdFeB r
MO-BRUNTON-F-5007 SALE: $299.99 each
Brunton Truarc™ 3
2015-08-05 06:08
TRUARC™ 3 PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThe classic scouting compass with modern updates, the TruArc™ 3 base plate compass is equipped with the TruArc™ Glo
Rothco Military Marching Compass
2015-11-20 04:12
Rothco's Military Marching Compass is liquid filled, the fluid will protect against excessive swing or wobble, improving readability while reducing we
ROTH-407 SALE: $9.99 each
Rothco Lensatic Camo Compass
2016-02-22 03:09
Rothco's Lensatic Camo Compass come in two camo color options including ACU camo. The compasses are liquid filled and feature a magnifying glass. SPE
ROTH-401 SALE: $9.99 each
Rothco Cammenga G.I. Military Phosphorescent Lensatic Compass
2016-02-22 03:13
The Cammenga G.I. Military Phosphorescent Lensatic Compass has been used as an economical alternative to the Tritium model, brief exposure to external
ROTH-415 SALE: $113.99 each
Rothco Military Marching Compass with LED Light
2016-02-22 03:16
Liquid Filled, Each On A Blister Card , 17x5.9x2.1cm Aluminum Cast Case Pp Glass , Red Led Light W/on-off Switch , Side Ruler , Magnifying Glass , Mad
ROTH-416 SALE: $12.99 each
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