EMI Oxygen Response Bag
2014-07-03 00:16
OXYGEN RESPONSE BAG The Oxygen Response Bag is designed for the rescue squad or the First Responder. Made of 1000 Denier nylon, it is fully padded wi
EMI-844 SALE: $121.99 EA
EMI Pro Response Basic Kit Complete
2014-07-19 00:09
PRO RESPONSE BASIC KIT With EMI’s Pro Response Basic Kit you will be able to handle most basic emergencies and rescues at an affordable cost. The P
EMI-867 SALE: $115.00 EA
EMI Colormed Basic Holster Set, Pink
2014-07-04 23:43
EMI's Colormed™ Basic Holster Sets are economically priced yet provide EMS personnel with all the basic response instruments. The Response Holster a
EMI-467 SALE: $11.99 EA
Blackhawk O2 Bag
2014-03-22 02:05
• Constructed of 1000 denier nylon with reinforced stitching for durability• Two external storage pockets with elastic strip to hold supplies• H
BH-20O200 SALE: $154.99 EA
EMI Pro Response 2 Bag
2014-07-03 00:31
PRO RESPONSE 2 BAG The Pro Response 2 Bag is our newest design which can help organize all of of your BLS and advanced medical care equipment. A remo
EMI-802 SALE: $88.99 EA
EMI Pro Response Basic Kit,Refill
2014-07-19 00:13
PRO RESPONSE BASIC KIT With EMI’s Pro Response Basic Kit you will be able to handle most basic emergencies and rescues at an affordable cost. The P
EMI-871 SALE: $41.99 EA
EMI Pink Colormed Deluxe Holster Set
2014-07-04 23:46
EMI’s complete color coordinated holster set is now available in pink. The holster set features our popular Emergency Response Holster. All of the i
EMI-949 SALE: $41.99 EA
EMI Pro Response Bag-Black
2014-07-03 00:36
(A & B) PRO RESPONSE™ BAGS The Pro Response™ Bag features easy access, durability and storage. Flap top with Delrin buckles allows for quick
EMI-624 SALE: $49.99 EA
EMI Cobra Knife
2014-07-05 00:46
The Cobra Teflon Lock Knife An ideal knife for all tactical emergencies! The Cobra Teflon Lock Knife features an all black stainless-steel blade and
EMI-9250 SALE: $29.99 EA
Blackhawk Field Medical Services Bag
2014-03-22 02:18
With S.T.R.I.K.E.® webbing on three sides for convenient modular attachment, this enhanced modular “go bag” provides exceptional versatility to m
BH-60EB01BK SALE: $126.99 EA
EMI Rescue Fanny Pack
2014-07-03 00:59
RESCUE FANNY PACKS EMI’s Rescue Fanny Packs can carry your personal protective equipment or your basic response supplies. Made of 1000 Denier Cordu
EMI-825 SALE: $26.99 EA
EMI Flashback Five LED Flare Kit
2014-07-03 01:52
FLASHBACK FIVE™ LED FLARE KIT Safer than flares – the Flashback Five™ LED Kit is also lightweight, compact and portable. It is ideal for all em
EMI-2015 SALE: $311.99 EA
EMI Trilogy Rescue Knife
2014-07-05 01:52
TRILOGY RESCUE KNIFE EMI's Trilogy Rescue Knife is the first and only triple blade rescue knife. Three separate stainless steel blades give the rescu
EMI-422 SALE: $33.99 EA
Blackhawk Fire/EMS Pro Training Bag
2014-03-22 02:02
Our Fire/EMS Pro Training Bag is perfect for the gym or other off-duty activities. Its top opening provides ready access to the main compartment, and
BH-20EP00 SALE: $134.99 EA
EMI Pink Colormed Holster Set
2014-07-04 23:53
The original Colormed™ Holster Set is now available in pink. All essential instruments and penlight are coordinated in your proud pink color! 
EMI-810 SALE: $25.99 EA
EMI Fire/EMS Wallets
2014-07-05 01:58
FIRE / EMS WALLETS EMI introduces its Fire and EMS wallets. The billfold style wallets have 3 spacious compartments and include a photo sleeve. This
EMI-272 SALE: $13.99 EA
Blackhawk P.U.L.S.E. Bag
2014-03-22 02:08
P.U.L.S.E. (PROFESSIONAL’S URGENT LOADING SYSTEMS ENHANCED) Are you sick of back problems from lugging your gear bags? With unbelievable compartmen
BH-20PL00BK SALE: $249.99 EA
EMI Nite-Writer Pen and Accessory Kits
2014-07-05 02:11
A) NITE-WRITER™ II PENS THE NITE-WRITER™ II pen is EMI’s latest addition to its Nite- Writer™ Series pens. The Nite-Writer™ II pen has feat
EMI-246 SALE: $22.99 EA
Blackhawk EMS Equipment Bag
2014-03-22 02:34
This industry standard bag is equally at home in the truck, ambulance, or at your desk. Its large main compartment has an adjustable/removable divider
BH-20EE00 SALE: $79.99 EA
EMI EMS Shears 7¼" (Pink)
2014-07-05 00:14
EMI introduces its Think Pink line of shears and instruments.
EMI-1095 SALE: $4.99 EA
EMI Colormed Bandage Scissors
2014-07-05 22:27
COLORMED INSTRUMENTS EMI offers the only colored finish instruments • Colormed™ Instruments are all stainless steel • Electronically coated han
EMI-700 SALE: $4.99 EA
Blackhawk Fire/EMS STOMP II Medical Pack Acc Pouch - Red Handle
2014-03-26 07:17
• Constructed of 1000 denier nylon• Internal replacement pouch for the S.T.O.M.P. II™ Medical Coverage Bag• Solid foam core creates custom sto
BH-60ES01 SALE: $29.99 EA
EMI Thermal Rescue Blanket
2014-07-05 00:15
THERMAL RESCUE BLANKET The Thermal Rescue Blanket is constructed with an aluminized material that reflects back 90% of body heat. Flexible, weatherpr
EMI-668 SALE: $2.99 EA
EMI Deluxe and Standard Glove Cases, Pager Cases
2014-08-19 23:53
DELUXE AND STANDARD GLOVE CASE (A) DELUXE GLOVE CASE features new extra large size but compact • Easily holds up to 6 pair of gloves or CPR mouth b
EMI-603 SALE: $9.99 EA
EMI Tac Med Shears
2014-07-05 23:29
The Deluxe EMS Shears are now available in regular stainless steel blades or all black stainless steel blades. Features contoured handles for control
EMI-1097 SALE: $5.99 EA
EMI The Protector - Sanitizer Prep Kit
2014-07-05 00:31
THE PROTECTOR™ — SANITIZER PREP KIT Be prepared with your own personal sanitizer and clean up kit when coming in contact with a potential germ/co
EMI-476 SALE: $16.99 EA
EMI Finger Ring Cutter
2014-07-05 23:28
FINGER RING CUTTER AND SPLINTER FORCEPS (R) FINGER RING CUTTER Quickly and safely removes rings from fingers • Safety lever protects cutter from f
EMI-3235 SALE: $23.99 EA
Blackhawk Fire/EMS Large Utility Pouch
2014-03-26 07:00
• Made of 1000 denier nylon• Reflective gray piping• Mesh bottom with drain hole• Large zipper pulls• Hybrid design allows for S.T.R.I.K.E.
BH-37EL60 SALE: $39.99 EA
EMI Quick Aid
2014-07-05 00:34
QUICK AID When the need arises for a compact personal first aid kit Quick Aid™ is the answer. Quick Aid™ has all the essential first aid supplies
EMI-453 SALE: $21.99 EA
EMI Hemocut
2014-07-06 00:22
HEMOCUT™ When space in a holster or jump kit is confined or for the convenience of one instrument that can function as two–Hemocut™ is the solu
EMI-1800 SALE: $7.99 EA
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