Blackhawk Python Advanced Light Rappel Gloves
2014-03-12 19:04
• Great for SAR rappelling or as a fast-rope over-glove• Thick, durable suede leather shell and reinforced palm shield • Heavy-duty, quick-
BH-8021 SALE: $40.99 each
Blackhawk Enhanced Tactical Rope Bag
2014-03-12 19:19
• Constructed of Type 4 nylon webbing• Holds up to 200 feet of rope (rope not included)• Drawstring sleeve for full bag closure• Drawstring po
BH-20TR03BK SALE: $69.99 each
Sterling Rope Hand Held Hot Knife
2014-06-29 02:30
This professional grade hot knife is what Sterling uses to seal the ends of our ropes. Great for shops and gyms that are cutting large quantities of r
REDP-SR-Hand-Held-Hot-Knife SALE: $282.99 each
Sterling Rope Chalk Bags
2014-06-29 18:41
Sterling's Chalk bags come with an adjustable webbing belt and plastic quick release clip. The bag features a drawstring for cinching closed on one si
REDP-SR-Chalk-Bags SALE: $9.99 each
Sterling Rope Bag
2014-06-29 18:46
The Sterling climbing rope bag is designed to hold a dynamic rope and features a padded shoulder strap, pull tabs on each end for when you stuff it in
REDP-SR-Rope-Bag SALE: $44.99 each
Sterling Rope AZTEK Bag
2014-06-29 18:50
The AZTEK bag from Sterling is a fanny-style bag that is low-profile and unobtrusive when worn with a backpack. The zippered-two pocket design allows
REDP-SR-AZTEK-Bag SALE: $24.99 each
Sterling Rope Tarp
2014-06-29 19:06
The Rope Tarp is constructed out of lightweight rip-stop nyoln and has corner loops for tying your rope in. Additional Information Dimensio
REDP-SR-Rope-Tarp SALE: $11.99 each
Sterling Rope Tarp Plus with Pocket
2014-06-29 19:11
Made of rip-stop nylon, the Rope Tarp Plus features a large pocket to store your rope on the hike in and can hold your shoes, keys, water bottle and m
REDP-SR-Rope-Tarp-Plus-with-Pocket SALE: $19.99 each
Sterling Rope Mercury Bag
2014-06-29 22:07
The Mercury bag is a compact, lumbar-style bag and designed to fit around belt or harness. The large pouch easily stores 50-feet of FireTech 32, Escap
REDP-SR-Mercury-Bag SALE: $214.99 each
Sterling Rope SearchLite Bag
2014-07-01 20:22
The SearchLite bag is heat resistant to 500 degrees F and has reflective tape on both sides to ensure visibility during low-light operations. The Sear
REDP-SR-SearchLite-Bag SALE: $127.99 each
Sterling Rope Rope Bags
2014-06-29 18:55
Sterling's rope bags are available in two sizes and feature padded backpack straps for easy hauling, a clear front pocket to store a rope log, and a r
REDP-SR-Rope-Bags SALE: $45.99 each
Sterling Rope Buff Headwear
2014-06-29 02:14
The original Buff Headwear is available in the Sterling Rope pattern! The Sterling Buff is constructed of bright yellow microfiber material, 100% seam
REDP-SR-Buff-Headwear SALE: $22.99 each
Cadex Defence - Assault Climbing Hooks
2015-04-21 01:36
SHORT ASSAULT CLIMBING HOOK 4 inch The Cadex Short Assault Climbing Hook (SACH) provides the assaulter with an extremely versatile tool for vertical
ASP Tri-Fold Scarab Cutter
2014-04-19 14:40
The Scarab® cutter snaps quickly onto your keyring, and easily removes the Tri-Fold disposable restraints using compound leverage.
Rothco Belt Keeper 4pc/Set
2016-01-05 03:42
4 Per Card Specification Shipping Dimensions Click Here To View Color: Black Material: Polyester Brand: Rot
ROTH-10584 SALE: $8.99 each
Gerbe Myth Hatchet
2017-08-14 05:11
This robust-bellied hatchet expertly skins and chops the biggest game the hunt brings in. Easily taken into the field, the portable and ultra-sharp bl
31-002698 SALE: $54.99 each
Gerber Downrange Tomahawk
2017-08-14 05:15
A marvel of simplicity, this tool has a single-minded goal: to settle the breaching argument. No barrier is a match for the beveled edge axe head, the
30-000715 SALE: $327.99 each
Gerber Entrenching Tool Folding with Plastic Foliage Green Sheath
2017-08-14 14:32
At only 2.3 pounds, this NATO approved entrenching tool folds up to be a portable powerhouse. With a glass-filled nylon handle, powder-coated boron ca
22-01062 SALE: $118.99 each
Gerber E-Tool only (no sheath)
2017-08-14 14:34
At only 2.3 pounds, this NATO approved entrenching tool folds up to be a portable powerhouse. With a glass-filled nylon handle, powder-coated boron ca
05942 SALE: $71.99 each
HME Triple Accessory Hook
2019-05-09 05:52
We have added a triple-prong accessory hook to our accessory hook line. The three-prong hook will allow the hunter to hang various items without havin
HME-TAH SALE: $2.99 each
HME Bow & Gear Holder
2019-05-09 05:53
This commonly-shaped accessory hook can be easily screwed into a tree and will provide the hunter with a convenient way to hold their backpack, rattli
HME-BGH SALE: $0.99 each
HME Accessory Hook Belt (Blister)
2019-05-09 05:56
Securely mounts in seconds by simply wrapping around the tree, pushing the end of the strap through the cam buckle and pulling tight. Easily adjust
HME-AHB SALE: $7.99 each
HME Repellent Holder
2019-05-09 06:11
As the popularity of ThermaCELL users has grown, so has the need for an easy-to-use holder. Our holder is uniquely formed to allow for easy placement
HME-RH SALE: $1.99 each
HME Dual Accessory Hook
2019-05-09 06:13
Super sharp tip easily screws into tree and can hold multiple other items easy and conveniently. Super sharp tip easily screws into tree Doubles
HME-DAH SALE: $1.99 each
HME Long Accessory Hook
2019-05-09 06:16
Convenient way to hold a multitude of items and designed to make it a easy process. Design makes it easy as ever to screw into tree Convenient way
HME-LAH SALE: $0.99 each
HME Single Accessory Hook
2019-05-09 06:18
This single-prong accessory hook can be easily screwed into a tree and will provide the hunter with a convenient way to hold their backpack, rattling
HME-SAH-6 SALE: $0.99 each
HME Accessory Hook 3 Pack (Blister)
2019-05-09 06:22
This accessory hook has an angled designed to eliminate accidental drops. Compact accessory hook with lower profile Super sharp hook, easily screw
HME-AH-3 SALE: $2.99 each
EMI Trunk Key
2019-10-18 11:34
Fast-access Trunk Key: This pick/punch combo tool can quickly open car trunks, tool compartments, and other automotive locks without the property dama
EMI-455-Trunk-Key SALE: $5.75 each
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